5 Ways to Fix Samsung TV Sound Delay Issue

Samsung TV Sound Delay Issue

Is there a picture on your screen before you hear sound when you turn on your TV? Audio-visual lag caused by sound delay is a known issue with Samsung TVs. Symptoms such as these have many causes, and most of the time they can be corrected at home by resetting them.

Does your Samsung TV’s sound stop after you press the mute button? If so, that’s a Samsung TV problem. Resolving it can be difficult.

Samsung has released an update that fixes this issue, so this process has never been simpler. Say, for instance, you’re looking for a solution to the sound delay on your Samsung TV. Read on for more information.

Samsung Tv Sound Delay

The sound and picture of a TV are usually delayed by a few seconds. Other factors, such as cable boxes and satellite receivers, may also contribute to Samsung TV audio delay. Additionally, home theater systems include digital video recorders (DVRs), DVD players, and Blu-ray players. There can be problems with these components.

Troubleshoot for Samsung Tv Sound Delay Problem

Before trying to fix your Samsung TV, make sure that the volume is not muted. Upon turning off the television and any external devices and restarting them, you may be able to restore volume.

The device is connected to other devices (such as cable boxes). A hard reset is recommended. Do not plug it back in until you have unplugged it for at least 30 seconds.

In case you were unable to reach a conclusion after attempting the quick solution. You should follow these instructions if you have an issue with your Samsung TV’s sound delay.

Method 1: Check the Show

You can watch a variety of shows on the Samsung TV. Audio may not always be available. The show may not have audio. Audio may also lag from time to time.

Ensure the sound is working properly. Verify the quality of the audio. A phone or computer can be used to check the quality. Attempt to use a different device at the same time.

Poor audio quality must be caused by a TV problem. It is likely that the device is to blame. There is something wrong with the show. Consequently, we recommend choosing another show to watch.

Method 2: Sync Home Theater System

It is not uncommon for syncronization to cause problems. If you have a home theatre system, it is recommended that you run the troubleshoot. For instance, sync your home theatre system’s audio and video.

Samsung TV’s audio delay will be resolved with this update. Follow the steps below to optimize the audio settings on your Samsung TV:

  1. The home button on a TV remote opens the menu.
  2. In Settings, there is an option called Sound.
  3. The Expert menu has an Audio Delay option.
  4. Increase or decrease the number according to the audio delay second.

Open the video player app and listen to the sound. Make sure the subtitles are on and the sound is on the correct duration. Proceed to the next step.

Method 3: Check the Sound Bar

The Samsung TV’s soundbar may be the cause of delayed audio. To see if this helps, you may wish to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It won’t harm anything, but connecting them will prevent them from syncing and causing problems.

Additionally, Samsung TVs can be synced with the soundbar. By following the on-screen instructions, sound sync can be optimized. Sound sync can be selected with the Soundbar. Start the video with delayed sound after it has played.

Method 4: Check the Smart TV

There may be a problem with Samsung TV’s sound. Because a soundbar has better audio synchronization than your TV, it may be able to fix this issue more easily than your TV. Optimize the Sound Bar’s Sync for Audio in its Settings.

Default settings should be left in place, so that playing content via HDMI cables or Bluetooth pairing from various connected devices results in no visual or audible synchronizing delays.

If you want your Samsung TV to sound its best, you should remove the audio source. If this does not work and you are experiencing delays when playing media, you may have to reset your built-in speakers. It can be done by going into settings > Sound and Audio tab and selecting “Audio Reset”.

Method 5: Update Samsung Tv Firmware

None of the solutions below worked with your smart TV. Your smart TV’s firmware may have caused the problem. Perhaps it has an out-of-date firmware.

Audio and TV settings are not synchronized. You should optimize the audio settings. There is an update needed for the system software. System updates are available on Samsung’s website.

On Samsung’s official website, you can download the latest firmware. The firmware of your Samsung smart TV must be updated. Refer to our guide for more information. 

Final Thoughts

Samsung TV sound delay can be caused by several factors. Check the settings of your home theater system and TV to ensure they are synchronized. Make sure your smart TV has the latest firmware.

There could be another software issue causing the delay in the audio. Finally, ensure that both volumes are set the same way on both systems. Samsung customer support can provide further information.

FAQ About Samsung Tv Sound Delay

 Is there a way to fix an audio delay in HDMI?

Properly connecting the cable end is essential. To fix HDMI audio delay, turn up the volume.

Is it possible to fix sound delay?

You can fix the delay after optimizing and syncing the audio on your smart TV.

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