Alexa Device Is Unresponsive: How To Fix in 2022

Alexa Device Is Unresponsive

The Amazon Echo Dot intrigued me because of its ability to connect to other smart home devices, which, in turn, made it appealing for setting up a smart home system.

It was not always easy to use Alexa because it sometimes wasn’t responsive.

A possible cause and solution were determined after the problem was investigated.

 In order to identify the causes and solutions to the issue, the author reviewed several reports from users.

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Your Alexa Device Is Unresponsive if your Wi-Fi password is incorrect, your TV is not connected to Alexa, or both. Resetting it should solve the problem.

You’ll also find information in this article about how to update the firmware on your home Alexa device and how to reinstall the Alexa app.

How Can You Fix An Unresponsive Alexa Device?

Alexa Device Is UnresponsiveThere are a few common causes of this Alexa Device Is Unresponsive problem, which has been extensively researched.

  • Cables are not properly attached: Your Alexa device may not be responding due to a loose cable connection.
  • Wi-Fi not working: The Alexa device may be slowed down if the internet connection is too slow. As a result, Alexa will not be able to connect to you and respond to your commands. 
  • Too far away from the router: The Echo will not respond to Alexa unless it is within range of your router. Due to the smaller size of the Echo Dot, this is more likely to happen. This means it may be discontinued. 
  • Wrong Wi-Fi password:
  •  If you connect your Echo device to your router with an incorrect password, it may not work. To connect, you must check that the device is connected to the Wi-Fi and that the password is correct. 
  • Physical interference: Wireless devices, such as keyboards or headsets, can interfere with the signal. These devices can also interfere or block your WiFi signal, along with baby monitors, microwaves, television sets, and thick walls. A blocked Wi-Fi signal will prevent you from accessing your Alexa device. 

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How Can You Fix an Unresponsive Alexa Device?

When your Alexa device is not responding at home, you can probably fix the problem yourself most of the time.

If Alexa doesn’t respond to you when you speak the wake phrase, the device needs to light up blue when you speak it. If it doesn’t, that probably means it isn’t responding.

How To Fix Alexa Device Is Unresponsive In Minutes

Alexa Device Is UnresponsiveThe issue can be easily resolved with these easy fixes.

Verify all cables

Whenever your Alexa device isn’t responding, you should first check the cables.

Make sure your Alexa device is properly connected to the cable.

In addition, make sure you have properly connected all Alexa-compatible devices, such as your smart TV, to their cable connections.

A Loose cable connection can cause Alexa devices to become unresponsive.

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Near the router, place the Echo device

Adding this to your list is also essential. Now that your Echo device is within Wi-Fi range, you can connect to the Internet through it. 

If It’s possible you’ve accidentally isolated these smaller devices outside your router’s range since these devices are small and compact, as well as easily hidden.

If Place the Echo device near your router if it does not appear to be within Wi-Fi range.

There should now be no more issues with Alexa!

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Check Your Wi-Fi Password

When Alexa is unable to connect to the internet because the wrong Wi-Fi password was entered, its functionality will be impaired.

Ensure that you enter the correct Wi-Fi password when you set up your Alexa device.

You will be prompted to enter the wrong password when the device tries connecting to your Wi-Fi router.

You cannot connect your Echo to your router, however. The Wi-Fi password may need to be changed if Alexa does not respond.

Your Alexa device needs to be updated with the latest firmware

Alexa Device Is UnresponsiveIf Depending on your Alexa device, you may already have a firmware update to resolve the issue.

You can also update the firmware of your Alexa device by logging into the Amazon Alexa website.

If You can check the firmware in the About section of the Alexa App by comparing it to the latest version after you launch the app and go to the Settings.

The Alexa App must be uninstalled and reinstalled

If There’s serious disorganization of the Alexa App, and that’s why it doesn’t respond. You will simply need to uninstall the app and reinstall it from the Play Store or App Store if you have an Android device.

You can uninstall an app by tapping and holding it on your home screen, or, depending on your operating system, uninstall it from the Apps section of Settings.

Ensure that nothing corrupted in the previous installation persists with the new installation by installing the fresh version of the app from the package.

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Restart The Alexa Device

Alexa Device Is UnresponsiveEven after trying all the methods above, your Alexa device might not respond.

Restarting your Echo device is your next option. Restarting your Echo device will fix the problem.

Restarting your Echo device is as easy as following these steps.

  • First, locate the power button on your Echo device.
  • By holding the on/off button for a few moments, you can turn off your Echo device once you have located it.
  • Once the power cord is disconnected from the plug point, you can remove the Echo device.
  • Turn off your Echo device for a few seconds.
  • The power cord of your echo may need to be reconnected after a few moments.
  • Press the power button again to restart your echo device.

With these simple steps, you can reset your Echo device.

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Reset The Alexa Device

If If you have tried to start your Echo device again but it has not worked, try resetting it.

You can reset the Echo using the Alexa app. Here are the steps you should follow to take back control of Alexa.

  • When you open the app, Alexa will open. 
  • From the app, select “Devices”.
  • Select “Alexa & Echo” from the “Devices” menu. 
  • Resetting the Echo Dot is as easy as tapping it.
  • Scroll down to the Reset Settings menu after selecting the Echo device you want to reset.
  • In the Reset Settings menu, select factory reset.

As It will take a few minutes to reset and reboot your Echo device after you select factory reset.

Connect your Alexa device to a new router by restarting it

In addition to restarting your router, you can also fix the issue. Rather than the Echo device being unresponsive, it could be your router. 

  • Connect all the cables to your router and then disconnect them.
  • Turn off your router for a few seconds.
  • Once the cables are connected, turn on the router and reconnect the cables.

Verify that Alexa resounds after that.

Final Thoughts on Alexa Device Is Unresponsive

It is more common than we think for Alexa devices to become unresponsive. It is possible that you won’t be able to hear Alexa when it is playing music. Stop Alexa from playing across all devices to make her hear your wake word.

Your search query might not be returned by Alexa’s search engine.

Usually, I have to repeat the steps above before I’m able to get it to respond again.

We strongly recommend contacting customer service when none of the above steps have worked.

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