How to Program GE Jasco Universal Remote Control

How to Program GE Jasco Universal Remote Control

Step-by-step instructions on how to program your GE Jasco universal remote control with Jasco’s universal remote code with these easy-to-follow instructions and videos.

How to Program a GE Universal Remote Control using Jasco’s Universal remote codes

It only takes a few simple steps to program GE Jasco Universal Remote Controls. The device code must be entered into the remote control. For help with GE remote controls, see the GE remote control codes page.

CL3 , CL4 and CL5 can be found in code list versions. Once you see the ge remote code list version, remove the batteries and note which version you have.

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Automated Ge Jasco universal remote control programming using the CODE SEARCH function

You do not need to know the type of remote code list for automated Ge Jasco universal remote control.

Step 1

With the Ge Jasco universal remote control, turn on your TV, such as the Samsung TV or LG TV you wish to program.

Step 2

Once the light comes on, hold down “CODE SEARCH” or “SETUP.”

Step 3

If you are programming a VCR, DVD, TV, or other device, you need to press and release the button once. A blinking indicator light appears then stays on. To assign an AUX button, press AUX and then the device button.

Step 4

Your device will turn off once you release the “POWER” button. Press “POWER” at least twice before releasing it. It may take up to 250 presses!

Step 5

The device will turn off when you press the “ENTER” or “SAVE” button. You will no longer see the indicator light. Verify that you have entered the correct code with other functions.


How to program ge Jasco remote manually:

Step 1: The device you wish to program (VCR, DVD, TV, Satellite receiver, etc.) must be turned on.

Step 2: The remote controller can be operated by pressing and holding the “CODE SEARCH” or the “SETUP” button until the indicator light comes on.

Step 3: To program your device (VCR, DVD, TV, etc. ), you must first press the button for the device you are programming. The AUX button must be pressed first, then the device button you are assigning to AUX. A blinking light indicates that the button has been pressed.

Step 4: Use the number keys to enter the three- or four-digit code for your device (depending on the model of your GE remote). The LED indicator will turn off as soon as the code is entered.

Step 5: Press the POWER button when the remote is aimed at the device you wish to control. Your device will shut down automatically. Replicate steps with the next code if the first code does not work. Other functions like volume control and program up/down are not programmed if the device responds correctly.

Try the “Code Search” method described below if you cannot find a code for your device.

The SLEEP feature

The GE RM94902, RM94904 and RM94905 remote controls come with a convenient “sleep feature,” which enables you to turn the TV off after a preprogrammed period of time. The steps for using the sleep feature are as follows:

1: The indicator light will turn on once you hold the “SLEEP” button.

2:  Use the numerical keypad to enter the time interval in minutes. (Press zero before a number in the range of 1 to 9).

3:  Keep the remote pointed at the TV.

You can disable the sleep feature by pressing and holding “SLEEP” until the indicator light blinks. To turn off the TV, press and hold “POWER” for a few seconds.

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