Hitachi TV Won’t Turn On – Complete Guide

Hitachi TV Won’t Turn On

The frustration that comes from your Hitachi TV not turning on is inevitable. In the event that you miss your favorite game or the newest episode of your favorite show, you may be disappointed.

Despite your frustration, these troubleshooting tips will help you get your TV up and running in no time. Contact us for assistance!

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Make sure you read this guide to the end to learn about all the common reasons why your Hitachi TV won’t turn on.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Fix a Non-Starting Hitachi TV

Hitachi TV Won’t Turn OnFive ways are listed in this article for fixing a non-turning-on Hitachi TV.

1. Check the power cord:

To begin with, let’s go back to the beginning. Make sure your power cord is in good working order before continuing. Make sure that any loose or damaged connections are fixed, and remove any plugs that should not be there.

Make sure the plug itself is clean and free of dirt or debris.

2. Test the power source:

Now let’s look at the power source.

  • First, you must turn off the circuit breaker.
  • After disconnecting your Hitachi TV for five seconds, reconnect it again.
  • Your electrical system is more likely to be the cause of the problem than Hitachi’s television.
  • If the Hitachi TV doesn’t work, you may have to call an electrician.

3. Check the power button on Hitachi TV:

Hitachi TV Won’t Turn OnIn case your Hitachi doesn’t start, check the power button as well. The power button should not be dirty or stuck.

A press of the power button should turn the Hitachi TV on. In the event that it does not, you will need to clean it or press it.

There is no need for tools for this task. Your fingers or a toothbrush will do.

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4. Unplug the Hitachi TV and wait for 10-seconds:

Plug the Hitachi TV back in after waiting 10 seconds after unplugging it.

If dirt or debris accumulates on your electrical outlet’s contacts, your television won’t receive power. This step is necessary to avoid the problem.

Ensure that the surge protectors you have in your home or office do not cause problems, for example. By unplugging the device and re-cleaning the contact points, make sure they are clean. A cleaning tool is not required. Using your fingers is sufficient.

5. Check the connections of Hitachi TV:

Hitachi TV Won’t Turn OnIt is important that the connections of your Hitachi TV are tight. Ensure they are tight.

Make sure the TV’s power cord and electrical connection are secure.

6. Check the fuse:

After checking the fuse, move on to the next step. A small black device that looks like a matchhead is attached to the fuse. Located within the Hitachi TV cabinet is its circuit board.

To check the fuse:

  • The Hitachi TV’s faceplate must be removed first.
  • You will have to remove the four Phillips screws that hold the face plate in place after you have removed the face plate.
  • A few thin wires extend from the small black box you’ll find once you remove the faceplate.
  • Wires connected to fuses are thin and black.
  • Green fuses are usually okay. The red or black color of a fuse indicates a bad one. 

A blown fuse can be caused by the following factors:

  1. Open or shorted circuits
  2. Corrosion is possible
  3. A connection that is unreliable.

Are you still unable to turn on your Hitachi TV? Click next to continue.

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7. HDMI Glitch: 

An HDMI glitch could also prevent your Hitachi TV from turning on.

To resolve this issue, unplug the Hitachi TV for 10 seconds before plugging it back in and turning it on again. This should resolve the issue.

8. Surge Protector Failing: 

A surge protector is a circuit breaker with a battery backup. A malfunctioning power supply may prevent your Hitachi TV from receiving power.

In this case, a new surge protector is necessary.

9. Reset Your Timer:

Hitachi TVs come with built-in timers. It automatically resets itself after 40 minutes of inactivity. If your Hitachi TV still won’t turn on after setting your timer to 40 minutes, you might need to reset it to 60 minutes or even 120 minutes. 

Simply make sure that your Hitachi TV will not be used for more time than the time stated.  Otherwise, your TV will not function. 

To reset Hitachi TV timer:

  • For eight seconds, hold the Menu button down.
  • Once you release the Menu button, you will see four arrow buttons.
  • Hold the Plus (+) button down when the display is 0-9.
  • Select 09 using the Arrow keys and then press the Set button.
  • The Hitachi TV automatically restarts after restarting, resetting its timer to 40 minutes.

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10. Read the manual:

If you received a Hitachi TV with an envelope that included a service manual, make sure you read it. Make sure you read it. There might be a solution there for you. Wishing you the best! 

Unless one of these tips works, contact a licensed electrician. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. Unless you are a licensed electrician, it could be dangerous.

Please have a technician take a look at your system. If you are considering buying a TV, avoid these brands.

Here are 7 ways to prevent your television from breaking down

Hitachi TV Won’t Turn OnThe following 10 easy tips will assist you in keeping your TV from breaking down during a power outage or a broken socket.

  • Using an extension cord isn’t a good idea if you have a surge protector.
  • Keep a flashlight close to the television before you turn it on so you can verify that it works properly.
  • It is advisable to unplug VCRs and DVD players when not in use.
  • Don’t leave the TV on while you sleep at night.
  • Every time you want to change channels, turn the controller (channel) off. You will not accidentally change the channel while watching a video or DVD if you do this.
  • You should unplug your TV when not in use. Power must not be allowed to drain to almost anything in order to prevent a blackout.
  • It is never advisable to remove TV screen protectors.


Now that you have completed these steps, hopefully, your Hitachi TV is working properly. Hitachi TVs not turning on can be caused by a number of factors.

It is also possible that other factors play a role. In case your television still does not work, please contact Hitachi’s service center.

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