Honeywell Thermostat Not Working: How To Troubleshoot

Honeywell Thermostat Not Working

It A thermostat allows a home to be comfortably heated or cooled. It is possible for a thermostat to malfunction due to software or hardware, just like other appliances.

I recently lost power to my Honeywell thermostat. None of the displays and systems worked.

I rather troubleshot the problem myself instead of asking for professional assistance.

There can be several reasons why your thermostat malfunctions, so you can try troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

While the Internet provides access to a wealth of information, it is fragmented. Troubleshooting your Honeywell thermostat is covered in this article.

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It A number of articles are available where you can learn what kind of thermostat you have and how to troubleshoot it.

If A battery replacement or a hard reset of the Honeywell Thermostat should resolve the problem.

Which Thermostat Model Should I Use?

The Honeywell thermostats are available in three different types. There are several factors that determine the type of thermostat you use in your home.


On manual thermostats, the temperature can usually be adjusted using a dial, just like on a microwave.

Generally, older buildings and homes do not have manual thermostats.


 In any case, you probably have a programmable thermostat that has a digital display unless you have an app that controls the thermostat. The screen also has buttons to navigate the menu.


Most smart thermostats have a large, bright display that lets you view the settings by pressing a few buttons. The app can be used with a smartphone or tablet that has the companion installed to access most of its features.

 On the ID card that comes with your Honeywell thermostat, you will find the model number.

 The model number can be found by removing the thermostat from the wall plate if you do not have your ID or if you are renting.

By simply pulling the Honeywell thermostat out from the wall plate, it can usually be removed. The unit can also be flipped or slid away. On the back is the model number.

Thermostats can be damaged if suddenly jerked or handled improperly. Don’t try to remove them if they are difficult to remove.

Problems with Honeywell thermostats

It is easy to troubleshoot a thermostat. Identifying the issue is the main challenge. Below you will find a brief overview.

Your Honeywell Thermostat does not display any information

Several reasons can lead to a black display:

  • Taking the battery out of the battery
  • Electricity is out
  • The furnace should be turned on
  • The C-wire is disconnected

To The solution to the problem is to replace the batteries in a programmable thermostat. Be sure the wiring has not been tampered with if it is a manual or smart thermostat.

 Please ensure the power is being received in the air handler and furnace (the switch should be on) and that all doors and panels on the cabinets are secured tightly.

 The thermostat may need to be replaced if the problem persists. There is no way to troubleshoot blank displays.

HVAC Unit Isn’t Working

HVAC systems can develop the following problems:

  • In heat mode, it emits cool air.
  • There has been no response from the system.

 If your HVAC system isn’t working, first check that your thermostat is set to “cool” or “heat,” depending on the situation. Make sure the HVAC system is not turned off.

As Furthermore, you should either set the temperature higher or lower than the ambient temperature in the room if you are setting it.

If the HVAC system is not functioning properly, a closed air handler door or furnace cabinet door is also required.

If The circuit breaker should be reset if none of the above solutions work. After five minutes, the compressor will start when the system returns to normal operation.

“Heat On” or “Cool On” is blinking

The ‘Cool On’ and ‘Heat On’ indicators show which systems are operational at that time. Unless your thermostat is turned on, neither indicator will be displayed.

In the event that the “Cool On” or “Heat On” indicators are blinking, don’t worry. Instead, consider it an indication that your system is on a 5-minute delay. This feature protects the compressor from damage.

When power is suddenly restored after an outage, the thermostat will not short circuit.

Identifying and fixing faulty Honeywell thermostats

If there are several methods you can try if your Honeywell thermostat breaks:

Change the Batteries

The change of batteries returns the system settings to their original status, preventing any errors caused by software bugs.

  • There must be no wires attached to the thermostat. The wires must be connected together.
  • The device’s wall plate must be removed.
  • After the batteries are removed, wait five minutes.
  • Wires need to be connected and batteries need to be replaced.
  • After turning the system on, wait five minutes.

Your Honeywell Thermostat may not be fixed by changing the batteries.

Check for any Power Disruptions

A network connection problem is usually the cause of thermostat problems.

There is either a problem with the wiring or the power has been interrupted.

The Honeywell thermostat must operate properly, wiring must not be damaged, and power must be present.

The furnace cabinet or air handler doors should also be in good condition. The Honeywell systems contain a safety feature that is activated if either of the openings is not closed correctly.

This feature will stop the HVAC system from working.

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Fixing blinking “Cool On” Light

If It usually means the safety timer on the thermostat was triggered during kickstarting, preventing its compressor from malfunctioning.

In this case, no troubleshooting is necessary. It will turn off five minutes after it is activated.

The following steps should be taken if the device does not turn off automatically:

  • Make sure your thermostat is set at the lowest possible temperature. Make sure your fan is set to automatically run.
  • Ensure that the thermostat timer is not in the setup mode and turns off the thermostat timer.
  • It should be on when the battery is low.
  • Close all the openings of the furnace.
  • Don’t let your air conditioner’s filter become clogged.
  • Clean the coils on the air conditioner.
  • Alternatively, you can select factory reset from the menu and change the battery. This is the only way to reset smart thermostats.

Fixing blinking “Heat On” light

If A safety timer on the thermostat is tripped when its ‘Heat On’ light blinks, preventing a malfunction.

In this case, no troubleshooting is necessary. The safety feature will be turned off automatically after five minutes.

The following steps should be taken if the device does not turn off automatically:

  • Make sure the temperature is set to the lowest setting possible. Make sure the fan is set to automatic.
  • Check that the thermostat timer is not in setup mode and is turned off.
  • If the battery low indicator is on, make sure it is turned on.
  • All furnace openings should be closed.
  • It can be reset either by changing the battery or by selecting the factory reset option from the menu. Smart thermostats can use the latter option.

It’s not hard to troubleshoot Honeywell Thermostats

It is pretty straightforward to troubleshoot Honeywell thermostats. If the thermostat is set too high or too low, the problem may be caused by a hardware problem. The thermostat may have a hardware problem, or you are not setting it properly if you have checked the batteries, wiring, and furnace door.

To It ensures that the temperature settings of the heating and cooling system are optimal with the permanent hold method.

The only thing you need to do is hold the ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ buttons (for heating or cooling, respectively).

If you change the thermostat setting, you will manually change the outdoor temperature to the one you have selected.

 It Trying none of the above methods may not be enough. Professional assistance may be required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a reset button on the Honeywell thermostat?

The thermostat can be reset either with a battery change or by selecting the factory reset option in its settings.

Recovery mode is available on Honeywell thermostats. Why is it useful?

In recovery mode, the thermostat attempts to maintain a temperature that is higher or lower than the outside temperature.

How can Honeywell’s recovery mode be bypassed?

There is a setting for bypassing the recovery mode on Honeywell thermostats. You can also specify your preferred recovery mode.

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