How to Reset a Vizio Remote

How to Reset a Vizio Remote

Vizio remotes often stop working for no apparent reason. The following are some causes of Vizio remote problems. Most of the time, a new remote is not necessary. Follow the following troubleshooting tips before looking for a replacement vizio remote to save some money on a new remote. 

After reading this article, you should spend about 10 to 15 minutes troubleshooting your Vizio remote.

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Remove any obstacles infront of your TV’s IR sensor

As a first step, the Vizio remote uses an infrared emitter, which is a type of light spectrum not visible to the human eye but recognized by your TV’s IR sensor. You will not be able to press the keys on your remote control if something blocks the light from reaching the IR sensor. By moving the decorative items or other items in front of your TV, you can achieve the desired result.

Weak or dead battries

Battries don’t last forever, and more often than not, the malfunctioning remote is caused by drained or dead batteries. Replacing the remote batteries with new ones is a best practice before troubleshooting begins.  If your TV doesn’t respond when you press the on/off button, replace the batteries in your remote.  You should search for your TV’s remote codes on if you are using a universal remote other than the Vizio RV remote. 

Check if any buttons are stuck

In some cases, pressing a button hard can actually cause the button to get stuck, causing the remote not to work. The stuck button can be freed by moving it from side to side. 

Reset a Vizio Remote


Your next step is to attempt a remote reset of the Vizio after you have cleared the screen of any objects and haveinserted a new battery in the remote. The process is straightforward, does not take long, and you can’t go wrong with it. You have to follow four steps.

Step 1.

Vizio remote batteries should be removed.

Step 2.

If any buttons are stuck, press them at least one time to check for them and free them.

Step 3.

Ensure that the batteries are inserted back into the remote.

Step 4.

If the remote works now, press the On/Off button.

The Vizio remote works with some functions, but not all

There are times when you might notice your channel up/down buttons don’t work due to an issue with the remote program. Your vizio remote may have to be reprogrammed in order to work with your Home theater or sound bar.

There are separate articles on how to program the Vizio remote with a DVD/blu-ray player if the play, pause, and fast forward buttons do not work. We have details on how to do this.

Time to buy a new Remote

Your old Vizio remote needs to be replaced with a new Universal remote if none of the above work.

Issue may be with your TV

When your TV cannot be controlled by a Vizio remote that works, its probably the TV’s IR receiver that is faulty.

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