How to access the Samsung Smart TV service menu?

How to access the Samsung Smart TV service menu

As well as turning on or off hotel mode and resetting the digital tuner, the Samsung Smart TV menu has several other features.

Before making any changes, you need to take a picture of your settings. You will be able to restore your TV if it stops working after you have made a change.


On the service menu, there are many abbreviations. Here is a guide you can use to learn about Samsung Service Menus.

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The Samsung service menu explained

You may have difficulties configuring, diagnosing, or controlling any smart TV. Samsung television service menu can be accessed by pressing a few specific buttons on the remote control.

There is a wealth of information available on your television’s service menu, including:

  • Models, versions, and dates of televisions manufactured
  • A manufacturer of digital tuners
  • Wall mounting instructions
  • TV port standards

You can also adjust the following settings in the menu of your Samsung TV:

  • Controlling signal levels and managing audio
  • Changing the TV mode
  • You can enable or disable TV models
  • Screen calibration and screen testing
  • The white-balance setting
  • Adjusting the level of color

The Samsung service menu can be accessed by using a smart remote

  • You will be taken to your Samsung Home screen by pressing the Home button on your Samsung smart control remote
  • Navigate to the Settings option using the directional pad
  • Wait for the menu to appear when it appears
  • After editing a menu item’s parameters, press OK

Samsung TVs are configured by default to hide the service menu. Certain combinations of keys can be accessed, such as the Home button.

There are many key combinations on Samsung televisions. You can use Samsung TV service menu guides to get the right combination for your model.

As a standard, however, we do the following:

  • Your television should be turned off
  • Please press the following keys on your remote control, based on your model:
    • Combination 1: Ensure that info comes first, followed by menu, then mute, and then power
    • combination 2, press the mute button first, then 1,8 and 2 and then the power button
    • Combination 3: The display, then the menu, then the mute button, then the power button
    • Combination 4: Power button, power indicator, P.S.T., and mute
  • After the television has been turned on, the service menu will appear on the top left of the screen
  • Use your smart remote to change the menu



Trying to access the service menu again may be necessary if you are unable to do so the first time. 

For the purpose of preventing accidental menu accessibility, Samsung manufacturers limit the time between pressing buttons.

Keep each button pressed just once, and don’t hold it for too long.

Using the Samsung TV service menu without a remote

Following these steps will allow you to access the service menu on Samsung Smart TVs without a remote:

  1. You’ll find a small square button on the back of your television that looks like a joystick. When the TV is off, press the button to turn it on. A menu button will appear at the bottom of the screen while the screen is loading. You can adjust the volume of your television by using the volume buttons on the side.
  2. The service menu will appear during the loading process if you press the joystick button before turning on the television.
  3. If you don’t have a smart remote, you can also access the Samsung service menu code via a smartphone app.

If you lose or damage your remote, Amazon offers replacements.

Wrapping up

Using a smart remote is the best method for accessing the Samsung TV service menu.

A remote control makes it easy to adjust the settings on the TV. It is not necessary to use a remote to access the menu, but this may take some time.

This depends on what works best for you and how you prefer to access the information. Check the Samsung TV service menu guide to make sure your choice of method is compatible with your Samsung TV model.

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