How to Connect Phone to Smart TV Without Wifi

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV Without Wifi

Mobile devices are rarely used to watch shows. Isn’t it great to watch on a big screen? Does your smartphone have a connection to a television?

A smart TV can be used to access streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and others. Sure! Well, as long as you have wifi.

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV Without WifiIs casting lost if you are unable to access the service? Not at all! No wireless Internet can pose some challenges, but it is not a problem.

Discover how to stream without a WiFi connection to your TV by reading on.

Watch your phone content on your TV without a WiFi connection

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV Without WifiCasting to a smart television without WiFi is possible in a few ways:

Use Google’s Chromecast

YouTube and other content can be streamed directly to your television via Chromecast. Without a wireless connection, Chromecast can be used in several ways:

Set Up Mobile Hotspot:

If you have 4G data on your phone, you can cast from it to the big screen instead of using a wireless network. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • The USB cable must be connected to a power source and then to the Chromecast – regardless of the generation.
  • It is possible that the blinking light does not become stable after long-pressing the power button. Start your device. This will then reset it.
  • The other end of the device can be connected to your TV once the HDMI port has been opened. Chromecast is now complete.
  • To complete this step, you will need two smartphones, or a smartphone and a tablet/laptop.
  • Your smart phone must have enough data to stream content over mobile data or hotspot. Wireless internet is now possible on this phone.
  • Your second device can be connected to your phone via its hotspot. The name of your phone can be found by turning on the WiFi in your phone.
  • That’s half the battle won. Connecting Chromecast to the hotspot requires Google Home.
  • After opening the app, select the email address you would like to add.
  • Your Chromecast device will be prompted to connect after Google Home begins looking for nearby devices. Press OK.
  • An app generated code will now appear on your phone’s screen and on your television. Check it.
  • You must then select a Chromecast network. Select the hotspot on your smartphone.
  • That’s all there is to it! You can watch any streaming video through Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime Video.

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Using Third-Party Apps to View Local Content

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV Without WifiDon’t you like that a mobile data plan allows you to stream movies and TV shows without using all your data allowance? You can use Google Chromecast and a third-party application most of the time when you stay in hotels or RVs.

To watch movies and TV shows later, you need to download an app like AllCast. Following the steps outlined above should be all that you need to do after arriving at your destination.

Playing anything in your gallery will be possible as soon as you launch the app. It is possible to cast movies and shows directly from your gallery without requiring a WiFi connection.

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Use Ethernet

You can launch Chromecast and Google Home using data if you do not have wifi (or you do not want to use it). This allows you to connect to the Internet in rooms without strong WiFi signals.

You will only need an Ethernet adapter, which is very inexpensive. Once you have it, you can cast to a TV without WiFi by following these steps:

  • The HDMI port on your TV should be connected to your Chromecast.
  • Your Chromecast needs to be connected to your Ethernet adapter via a USB cable. If Chromecast doesn’t come with a USB cable, you can connect it with any USB cable.
  • To connect the Ethernet cable to the adapter, you must plug the other end into it.
  • We’re ready to go! There is no need to connect to the Internet with Chromecast.

Mirror your phone to your TV without a wireless connection

How to Connect Phone to Smart TV Without WifiMirroring the screen to the TV may be the best solution if the TV doesn’t support wifi. To do this, follow these steps:

Use Chromecast

Mirror your devices on the television using the Google Home app. Using the app, you can do the following:

  • If you do not have access to wifi, you can establish a connection using your phone’s hotspot as mentioned in the very first method.
  • Click the account tab after opening Google Home.
  • Choose ‘Mirror device’ from the menu.
  • To cast the screen and audio, select ‘Cast’.
  • As soon as you do that, your Android screen will be mirrored to your TV.

This option is frequently updated in the Google app, so finding it might take a while. Hotspots and mirroring require separate devices as well.

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Connect with USB Port

Smart televisions and regular television sets can be used for wireless mirroring. With just an HDMI/MHL cable, you can connect your smartphone to your TV. 

Some phones do not support HDMI. With the exception of the Samsung Galaxy S8, only HDMI is supported by the Samsung Galaxy S8. MHL is also being phased out by manufacturers.

Ensure that your smart device is compatible with HDMI and MHL to take advantage of these features. The following steps explain how to mirror your screen after you purchase the appropriate cables and connect your device to a smart TV (or TV without wifi):

  • The USB type C port on your Galaxy series phone is used to connect the other end of the HDMI adapter. HDMI cables and MHL cables function the same way. Due to the adapter’s placement, you cannot charge your phone using the USB-C or micro USB port.
  • Afterward, connect the HDMI/MHL cable at the other end of the adapter to the TV.
  • You can begin mirroring right away by switching to the correct input on your TV.

Use Laptop

Consider the case where you do not have an HDMI adapter. As long as you find a way around, you can still watch television. The screen of your phone can be mirrored in that case, but it’s not quite the same thing.

You can mirror your laptop’s display by playing content from your phone through the laptop’s screen. This method allows you to view content on your laptop from your phone. HDMI plugs on laptops must be connected to HDMI ports on TVs. 

With a USB data cable, you can connect your smartphone to your laptop and view the content on it.

When you select what you wish to watch from the laptop gallery, once you have switched to the HDMI input on the TV, you will be able to see anything on the laptop screen.

If you want to use your phone without a wifi connection, you can mirror the screen on your computer or smartphone using various apps. However, if you want to use your phone through mobile data or WiFi, then this method is perfect for you.

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Wrap Up

The widespread use of wireless connections makes it difficult to cast to a TV without an internet connection. Chromecast and similar devices require a mobile data connection or an Ethernet connection.

Chromecast or similar devices, and even the internet, are not necessary if you have the right equipment. Here are some hacks you can use.

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