How to Download Apps on Philips Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

How to Download Apps on Philips Smart TV

The following guide will detail how to download apps on Philips Smart TVs

Depending on the Philips smart TV, you may not find the apps you want. Additionally, you might find it difficult to add, update, or locate applications. Several apps are available on Philips smart TVs; however, some of the most important apps may not be included.

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You can also download new applications for the Philips smart TV. This will not resolve the issue. Find out how to add apps to Philips smart TV here.


It is hard to predict which method is going to be best for your Philips TV since it depends on a variety of factors, such as your TV, operating system, etc. Choose a method from the list that suits your needs.

The Philips App Store allows users to download apps. How do they do that?

How to Download Apps on Philips Smart TVThere are three methods in this guide for adding Philips Smart TV applications. The first method is to use the Philips Smart TV App Store.

Method 1

Press the Home button on your remote to begin.

Method 2

The Philips App Store is now available

Method 3

The app can be downloaded from the store

Method 4

Selecting the Install button and selecting OK will allow you to install the application. During the installation process, you will see a pop-up window. Once the application has been installed, it can be used.

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How To Download Philips TV Apps From Google Play Store

How to Download Apps on Philips Smart TVThe Philips Store and Google Play Store offer Philips smart TVs with Android operating systems in addition to the Philips Store. You can visit the Google Play Store by clicking here.

Signing in to your Google Account is a prerequisite for downloading an app from the Google Play Store. Continue as follows.

Method 1

Start by accessing the home page using your remote.

Method 2

Now you can download Google Play

Method 3

When you have located the application you want to install, click Install after searching for it. Your home page will display the application for you to download.

How to Install Apps on Philips Roku Smart TV

How to Download Apps on Philips Smart TVThe following instructions will help you download apps to your Philips TV using Roku.

Method 1

By turning on the TV, you can access the home screen.

Method 2

To access the Streaming Channels page, click here.

Method 3

Choose the third method from the search menu. Select the application you want. Casting can be used as an alternative if you don’t have the app you’re looking for. Casting can be used if you can’t find the app.

Method 4

Go to the selected app and install the application. It will appear on your home screen once it has been installed. To use it, just open it.

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Installing apps from external sources on Philips Smart TV

Es_file_explorerThis requires a mobile phone. Once you find it in the store, you can download ES File Explore from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. You can install it there.

Your mobile phone must be connected to the same wifi network as your Philips Smart TV in order to connect it to the network. Following these steps will connect the TV to the network.

Method 1

Navigate to the menu in the upper left corner of the screen by using the ES File Explore app.

Method 2

Scroll down through the water to click smart tv.

Method 3

It is now possible to view the Philips smart TV. Join the network.

ES File Explorer can now be used to install Philips Smart TV with ES File Explorer. When the Philips Store is installed on your TV, you can access applications that are not available on the TV.

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Problems you may encounter

Is there an app store for Philips Smart TVs?

Depending on the operating system used by Philip smart TVs, they have different app stores. They can be accessed through their home screens. They have the same functionality as Samsung smart TVs.

Philips TVs with Android OS will have the Google Play Store, while Roku and Vewd TVs with their respective app stores. Smart TVs with Android-powered Philips TVs will have the Google Play Store, Roku-powered TVs with the Roku Channel Store, and Vewd-powered TVs with their respective app stores.

How can Philips Smart TVs with Android be updated with apps?

With a Philips smart TV powered by Android, we can update the apps to fix bugs. Please see below for instructions on how to do this.

Method 1

Go home using your remote control as your first method.

Method 2

You have now been given access to your dashboard

Method 3

By searching for and clicking on an app in the Google Play Store, you can update it. It will appear with the new version. You can update it. Google Play Store users can also enable automatic updates.

Apps can be updated to fix bugs.

How to restore my Philips Android TV’s factory settings

Philips smart TVs will only need to be reset if you intend to sell them or if they have problems. It’s not advisable to do this often.

Method 1

With your remote, start at the home screen.

Method 2

In the upper right corner, you’ll find the Settings icon. You can open it by clicking it.

Method 3

You will find a variety of settings on the left side of the Settings menu. To go back to factory settings, select the option. These are the default settings. Reset options will then appear on the TV.

Method 4

In the Settings window, click OK. You have now reset your TV.

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