How To Easily Install Third-Party Apps On LG Smart TV

How To Easily Install Third-Party Apps On LG Smart TV

Adding third-party apps to a smart LG TV can make viewing your favorite shows more enjoyable.

What are the steps for installing third-party apps on your LG smart TV? The LG Content Store is accessed by pressing the Home button on your remote, selecting More Apps, clicking Premium, and choosing the app you want to install. The TV will execute the installation for you. Additionally, you can access content from other third-party apps or via a box, such as a Firestick, in addition to those in the LG TV app store.

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Even though LG’s smart TV has difficulty streaming content, 3rd party apps can be installed. LG’s devices may be better suited for installing apps compatible with HDMI ports and those available through the LG App Store.

Do LG Smart TVs support third-party apps?

How To Easily Install Third-Party Apps On LG Smart TVDepending on its availability, LG Content Store might have the app you are looking for. Downloading apps from unknown sources is not permitted.

It is not possible to download applications from unknown sources on LG smart TVs because they are powered by Web OS or Netcast. You can, however, install applications such as Firestick, Chromecast, AppleTV, and Roku, as they are powered by Web OS or Netcast.

Some LG Nano Cell and LG UHD TV models do not support LG Web OS or Netcast.

Unlike the Android operating system, LG’s operating system uses Web OS or Netcast, which doesn’t allow app installation from the internet, but only from LG’s app store as we mentioned earlier.

LG’s WebOS platform may make it possible to run third-party apps on the TV without a separate box like Firestick. WebOS is LG’s operating system that provides access to applications, games, and music.

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How to add apps to your LG Smart TV

1.Using LG Content Store

WebOS can be accessed by connecting your LG smart TV to the internet. In addition to movies and shows, LG Content Store also offers apps and games.

Following these steps will help you add apps:

  • On the remote control, click the Home button.
  • Apps pre-installed on the TV can be accessed by clicking on it.
  • For access to additional apps, use LG TV’s content store.

How to choose content from the LG Content Store:

  • You can download apps and movies from LG’s content store. You can also watch TV shows that cannot be viewed on a standard TV. You can also find LG apps in the store. It is also available on the LG content store website.

3) Download an application from the store:

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you search for the app you want, and it’s downloaded to your television once it’s found. When you install the app on your LG TV, you will also see an “install” button, and when you click it, it will be instantly installed. Additionally, you could use the install button to launch the app from your LG TV, so it’s easier to access.

Once an app has been downloaded, the LG smart TV as well as the LG website can easily display it. You can also download apps to a smart LG TV thanks to an operating system called Netcast. The main screen also has a section for apps.

Apps can be downloaded and installed on the LG TV’s premium section.

2. Using a Fire Stick (or other streaming device) – Highly recommended

This method will work well if you cannot find the app you are looking for in the LG Content Store. In order to use the apps available, you will need to use a Firestick or similar streaming device (like Roku or Chromecast).

  1. Lastly, insert the power adaptor’s other end into the outlet and the other end into your Fire Stick.
  2. Your LG TV’s HDMI port should be connected directly to your Fire Stick
  3. LG TV and Fire Stick should be connected to the same HDMI channel (HDMI1)
  4. Once the batteries are inserted, the remote will automatically pair with the device.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect to your WiFi.
  6. Sign in with your Amazon account on your Fire Stick.
  7. You can use Fire Stick apps on your LG TV

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How to make 3rd party apps available in other countries

Being an international company, LG offers a variety of LG apps around the world. That makes sense to provide different LG apps based on the country. Our guide will show you how you can easily access them too.

  1. Select Settings, then All Settings, then General
  2. You can find the location by clicking here
  3. LG Services can be found in the following countries
  4. Choose a country
  5. Accept the agreement by clicking Yes
  6. Start your TV again
  7. It’s important to add new apps more often
  8. Check out the LG Content Store for more apps

Uninstalling Apps on LG Smart TV

How To Easily Install Third-Party Apps On LG Smart TVIf you do not like LG Smart TV apps, you can uninstall them if you feel that they have outlived their usefulness.

  • You can move an app up or down the scrolling ribbon while in Edit mode.
  • The edit mode can be found by pressing right and left on your remote.
  • Selecting the X over the individual app tile allows you to remove the LG TV app you no longer want
  • You can delete an app by selecting the X icon on the app, which appears when the app is highlighted.
  • Before deleting the TV app, you will need to confirm your decision. After choosing yes to the deletion process, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion. If you have finished deleting the TV app, then you can exit the editing mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Having reviewed the main concerns regarding third-party app installation on LG TVs, let’s address the remaining questions.

How do I install apps on my LG Smart TV if they are from the LG Content Store?

It is not possible to install third-party apps on LG Content Store. Apps from unknown sources cannot be installed on LG smart TVs powered by Netcast or Web OS. LG smart TVs are capable of streaming third-party content via Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Firestick, and Chromecast.

What apps are compatible with LG Smart TV?

WebOS for LG smart TVs provides apps and content, so you should be able to find content to suit your needs. Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Hulu, and more are among the many apps available on WebOS. WebOS apps offer access to a variety of top-rated shows and independent films besides Channel Plus. To check out Amazon’s selection of third-party apps for LG TVs, visit their website.

Does LG TV have a Google Play store?

LG TVs don’t support Google Play because they use a different webOS version. For Google Play to work on LG TVs, they must run Android.  LG smart TVs can stream third-party content through third-party extensions like Firestick, Chromecast, AppleTV, or Roku.

What is the Google Play store support for LG Smart TVs?

WebOS is used instead of Android in this device. It does not have a Google Play store. LG TVs have their own version of Google Play: the LG Content Store. Google Play movies are now available on LG TVs with WebOS.

Can LG Smart TVs be installed with APKs?

APKs cannot be run on LG smart TVs. Downloads can only be made through LG’s WebOS app store, and LG-approved apps can only be installed. You will, however, be able to stream third-party content via Chromecast (for Android), AirPlay (for Apple), and WiFi Direct (for PC).

Apps for Android are compatible with WebOS?

As long as the app is an Android app, you can use the LG Content Store app to stream your favorite shows on WebOS.

Android apps are compatible with LG Smart TVs?

Android apps cannot be installed on LG smart TVs unless the device’s app store is authorized. Roku, AppleTV, Firestick, Chromecast, and Apple TV are all apps that can stream content from LG smart TVs.

My LG Smart TV doesn’t seem to be able to install Android apps. What should I do?

By selecting the More Apps button on your remote or by selecting the LG Content Store, then selecting Premium, you can download apps from the LG Content Store. Your TV will then automatically download and install the app. Customers of LG TVs can stream Android apps with the company’s app store or an additional box such as a Firestick.


Even though LG smart TVs only support apps supporting WebOS, third-party apps can be accessed using extensions such as Firestick. On the LG Smart TV menu, you can access the available LG smart TV apps. By clicking on the menu, you will be presented with the available LG smart TV apps. Installing LG smart TV apps and testing them can be done in just a few minutes.

Uninstalling an application from the WebOS is a simple process. WebOS is flexible and can be tried on Android if you need to download LG smart TV apps.

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