How To Find a Music Video by Describing It (Updated 2022)

How To Find a Music Video by Describing It

There are so many songs and videos available that it is nearly impossible to remember them all. If you describe a music video using a few decent tools and strategies, you may be able to find it. Read out below about How To Find a Music Video by Describing It

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing a music video in your head and having no idea what that song is called or what its name is. You remember sequences of images that are hard to put into words but you do. It’s because you lose sight of that that you become more irritated and frustrated with yourself as time passes!

How To Find a Music Video by Describing ItIf you’re reading this, you are probably going through the same thing I am. Fortunately, we can assist. The following tips can help you identify a music video by describing it.

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Let’s get started!

1. Use Google to write a few lyrics

How To Find a Music Video by Describing ItIf you remember some of the lyrics, you can look them up on Google. When any of the lyrics are accurate, the most relevant results will be displayed.

As well, we’ve highlighted in our 4th method how you may modify your search results. Should this method not be successful, please try method 2.

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2. Go to YouTube and search

How To Find a Music Video by Describing ItYouTube is one of the best places to find a music video by describing it. When we say “YouTube search,” we don’t mean entering keywords and clicking Enter.

You can refine your YouTube search using advanced search operators to get more accurate results.

Operators include features as well as upload date, type, and duration. Search results will be based on the words you entered exactly if you add quotes ( “”) to the start and end of your keyword.

You can filter the results even further by clicking on the “Filter” button. Click the Filter button once you’ve typed in your search term. When you apply the right filters, the exact information you need will be revealed.

YouTube’s “Features” and “Duration” filters make it easier to search for long-lost videos!

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3. Submit it to a song naming community

How To Find a Music Video by Describing ItAlternatively, if Google and YouTube don’t work, you can search for the video on Facebook communities named songs and Reddit. To succeed, you should choose active communities. If the members of the community are unable to identify the songs, you may be able to use some advanced programs.

If you can, give as many details as possible. Give as much information as you can about the sequencing and lyrics. You may also be able to describe any memories you have associated with the video you’re looking for.

Feel free to explain the characters from the music video in the description. You can also provide its release date if you know it.

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4. Using Google Advanced Search

How To Find a Music Video by Describing ItThe same is true for Google search, which allows you to use filters to narrow your search. This method will allow you to find results more quickly.

With Google, you will be able to perform an Advanced Search not only by typing words, but also by selecting the region, the date and time of the last update, a related keyword, as well as relevant numbers. Depending on what you search for, search engines can also show specific examples.

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5. Download a song identifier app

How To Find a Music Video by Describing ItAs the name implies, song identifier apps allow users to find songs and videos they like.

A song identifier app has a microphone that you can use to hum into to find the song you want. By pressing the “Search a song” button on most song identification apps, you are able to locate a particular song. Some apps require you to press the microphone icon. You can then request information about the song”.”””

Using the microphone for 10–15 seconds while humming the song will lead to results.

A good example of such a tool is SoundHound. You can also find your song by searching with the Google Assistant. Simply ask Google, “What song is that?” song?song?song? Think for a second and then search.

You will be directed to the page you are looking for when the search engine recognizes your voice.

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6. Locate the Artist’s discography

More often than not, we recall an artist than a song.

You can find your desired song by looking up its artist, if this is the case for you. There is some information available on the artist’s Wikipedia page, so you can use search engines here.

There is a high chance that the songs on their Spotify and Apple Music pages also appear on those services. If you remember the names of the actors in the music video, you can also search for them individually. If you search for their music videos, you may find it easier to find.

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The Last Step: How To Find A music Video By Describing It

It’s frustrating not to be able to find old songs. There are times when you cannot remember a song’s name and so you attempt to find it on several websites.

There are many tools you can use to find an artist’s discography, such as Google Advanced Search, song identification apps, or song identifier apps. The possibilities are endless. Google Advanced Search and Google Song Identification are just two examples.

Our guide about finding a music video has now been completed with a description of it. Feel free to let us know how you found our recommendations. Be persistent in your search for the right music video!

Please tell us about other methods to find music videos by describing them in the comments section if you know of any others.

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