How To Program A Philips Universal Remote

How To Program A Philips Universal Remote

The following instructions will show you how to program any Philips universal remote control. You can use this remote with any component that has audio or video. Follow the steps below.

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Philips Universal Remote – How To Program

How to program Philips remote:

  1. Connect the Philips Universal Remote Control to the device you would like to control.
  2. On the remote control, hold down the “Code Search” button.
  3. The red indicator light will blink after you release the button.
  4. The indicator light will blink off and then on as you press the device button, such as “TV” “CLB” “VCR” or “SAT”.
  5. If the device does not change channels, continue pressing the “CHAN +” button.
  6. The TV will change channels again when it stops.
  7. The code will be saved in memory once you press the “Mute” button.

Philips remote code search:

  1. Connect the remote to the device you wish to program. Tvs, stereos, etc.
  2. Then tap the Function button. AUDIO/TV/AUX
  3. The light will blink twice after you press the Setup button.
  4. Code 991 should be entered.
  5. To turn off the component, press the POWER and Function buttons simultaneously.
  6. To lock the code, press Setup after the component has turned off.

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