How To Program A Zenith Universal Remote Control

How To Program A Zenith Universal Remote Control

A Zenith Universal Remote Control can be programmed by following these steps. Zenith remotes can be programmed in two ways. The remote can either be programmed with a remote code that is compatible with the component you will be setting up, or the remote can be programmed with a code search button that will automatically find the correct remote code. As long as you have the correct remote code, using the remote code manually is usually the fastest method. To find the code numbers you may need to program a component to work with your Zenith remote, see the links to the right (or at the bottom of this page if you’re looking for a Universal TV remote code).

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How To Program A Zenith Universal Remote Control

 You can program a remote control code into your Zenith remote by following these steps:

1 – You will need to turn on the media device you will be programming. Turn the Blu-Ray player ON manually before programming it (i.e., if you are programming a Blu-Ray player).

2 – Press and hold the “CODE SEARCH” button on your Zenith remote control and wait for a small light to appear.

3 – Once the “CODE SEARCH” button becomes illuminated, release it.

4 – You will program a media device with a button on your Zenith remote control. (EX: DVD, SAT, CAB, AUX)

5 – Once you have pressed and released the button (EX: DVD, SAT, CAB, AUX) for the media device you are programming, your program will begin.

6 – To set up a media device, you will need to know the code.

(Using the links on the right, you can find the remote code for any media device on the Zenith website that you are programming using the remote control instruction manual)

7 – Then, using the number keys on the remote control, input the 3, 4, or 5 digit remote code for the device you are programming.

8 – Once the code is entered, the small light will go out.

9 – By pressing COME ON, VOLUME UP, OR POWER OFF, you can check if the remote code you entered into the Zenith remote is the correct code.

10 – Once you enter the correct code, the media device will respond. If not, try another remote code following the same procedure.

Programming your Zenith remote with the “Code Search” button:

1 – You will need to turn on your media device before you can set it up. When you are programming a DVD player, you should turn it on manually (example)

2 – Press and hold the “CODE SEARCH” button on your Zenith remote control until the small light appears.

3 – Release the “CODE SEARCH” button when the small light on the remote illuminates.

4 –You will program a media device with a button on your Zenith remote control. (EX: DVD, SAT, CAB, AUX)

5 – You can now press and release the button associated with the media device that you are programming (ex: DVD, SAT, CAB, AUX).

6 – Press either the “POWER” or “CHANNEL UP” buttons on the Zenith remote to scroll through the codes that have already been programmed.

(This depends on the model number of your Zenith remote control, so you will need to try both methods before deciding which will work with it.)

7 – You need to keep attempting codes until you find one that works.

8 – Simply press the “MUTE” button to save the remote code whenever you find the code for your media device.

9 – In order to go back to the previous code if you scroll past a code that works, you need to press the “CHANNEL DOWN” button.

You can program the following Zenith universal remote codes for televisions using these 3 Digit Codes:


805, 906


002, 102, 110, 203, 214, 221, 303, 311, 314


002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 014, 104, 105


506, 606, 619, 902




206, 805, 906


002, 007, 018, 107, 310, 318, 502, 601, 719, 803


002, 102, 117, 207, 217, 307, 502, 713, 818, 916


002, 016, 116, 218, 310, 315, 415, 502, 507, 516, 619


007, 108, 208, 308, 417, 502, 510, 617, 606, 702, 902


002, 008, 109, 118, 209, 309, 402, 408, 502, 508, 510


102, 502, 506, 601, 701


002, 102, 114, 206, 502, 509, 510, 619, 709, 803


017, 516, 618, 807, 901


002, 009, 109, 202, 209, 221, 310, 402, 408, 502, 508


601, 719


002, 102, 211, 302, 320, 402, 406, 411, 502, 511, 514


002, 102, 103, 112, 212, 502, 512, 702, 818, 908




002, 312, 412, 506, 619, 902


002, 013, 111, 502, 712, 812, 813, 918


202, 801


002, 009, 109, 117, 209, 309, 402, 408, 502, 508, 717


117, 520, 904, 906


112, 313, 413, 506, 510, 512, 902


008, 117, 311, 405, 407, 512, 601, 701, 713, 916

Zenith remote control programming methods are applicable to model numbers Zean100, Zean300, Zean350, Zean400, Zean420, Zean450, Zean500, Zean525, Zean700, Zean725, Zean800, and Zean900.

The following links will help you program a Universal or TV remote control. Find the brand and model of your remote control in the links below. There will also be descriptions of how to program your remote in the packaging or on YouTube if you know your model number.

You can use the remote codes on this page once you have found the step-by-step instructions for programming your remote to work with your ZENITH REMOTE.

The following remotes can be programmed: COX remotes, ONE FOR ALL remotes, DIRECTV remotes, CHUNGHOP remotes, JUMBO remotes, GT MATRIX remotes, Zenith remotes, Vizio remotes, RCA remotes, Comcast remotes, DISH remotes, Samsung remotes, Mitsubishi remotes, SONY remotes, Philips remotes, On-Q home systems remotes, GE remotes, and the UR5U-

THOSE ARE THE MOST COMMON UNIVERSAL REMOTE CODES FOR TV: The most common 2-digit TV remote codes, 3-digit TV remote codes, 4-digit TV remote codes, and 5-digit TV remote codes can be found here: 2 digit TV remote codes, 3-digit TV remote codes, 4 digit TV remote codes, and 5-digit TV remote codes.

Please share with us and our readers which remote code you found to work with your ZENITH Remote. We would appreciate it very much if you could let us know which remote code worked on which device. We would greatly appreciate it!

Would you like some assistance? Our staff is here to help you if you need assistance programming your Zenith remote control. Let us know what you need.

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