How to Reset Samsung tv Without Remote? [2022]

How to Reset Samsung tv Without Remote

Does it seem impossible to watch your favorite shows on your Samsung TV if it becomes stuck or frozen?

Restoring your Samsung TV to factory settings is the most effective way to resolve this stressful situation.

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Set your Samsung TV up again by following these steps to reset it.

How to Reset Samsung tv Without RemoteAfter restoring the default settings, your TV will immediately begin working.

In addition to resolving tricky problems, these steps are essential when it comes to selling anything you own.

It is important to note that any custom settings you make will be lost when you do this. Make sure you carefully consider all your options before proceeding.

The device will be wiped clean of all recordings, tuned channels, and downloaded applications.

A hard reset should not be performed until a soft reset has been completed.

In the event that the results from a soft reset are not satisfactory, a hard reset can be performed.

An interactive diagnostic center for Samsung TVs

How to Reset Samsung tv Without RemoteVisit the Samsung support page on your smart TV if you are experiencing a Samsung TV problem that can only be fixed with a reset.

The diagnostic center will allow you to reset your smart TV to its default settings.

In addition to being able to reset your TV through the diagnostic center, Samsung TVs can also be locked with a PIN that prevents unauthorized access.

The default pin for Samsung is 0000.

In order to reset and restore your Samsung TV to factory settings, you will need to change your reset PIN.

Without a remote or PIN, you can reset the PIN on a Samsung TV

In order to reset or restore the Samsung smart TV’s factory settings, you will need a four-digit PIN.

To reset a Samsung TV or to prevent unauthorized access, the TV comes with a default PIN. Parents may use this feature to restrict access.

Samsung televisions have a reset PIN of “0000.”

There is a problem with all Samsung Smart TVs.

Even so, following the instructions below will allow you to update the PIN on your Samsung TV.

  • The Samsung Smart TV menu can be accessed by pressing the Menu button.
  • A drop-down menu will appear after choosing the General option.
  • In the system manager, users can change their PIN by clicking the Change PIN button.
  • To enter a different PIN, you need to enter it twice.
  • When your Samsung TV PIN has been changed successfully, you will see a success message on your TV screen.

It is necessary to know the PIN number of a Samsung TV to reset it.

These steps allow you to reset your Samsung TV to factory settings.

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What is the recommended frequency of factory resets for Samsung smart televisions?

If you are having problems with your Samsung smart TVs and cannot resolve them with the remedies you have, reset the TVs (in detail).

Samsung smart TVs will continue to work in the same way as when they were first purchased after a factory reset.

Can a Samsung Smart TV be reset without using a remote control?

The buttons on the remote control can be pressed to factory reset a damaged remote control or an unresponsive television.

You can reset the TV controller / remote control sensor on your Samsung smart television by pressing the buttons on the remote control.

You can also factory reset your Samsung smart tv by hitting its buttons for channels 1, 2, volume 1, volume 2, and source.

The best way to fix a Samsung TV that has a black screen (with pictures)

Whenever Samsung TVs receive a firmware update, the screen turns black, making it difficult to reset the TV.

The instructions below can help you reset your Samsung TV if the screen is blank.

  1. A black screen will now appear on your Samsung TV when you press the power button.
  2. If you are using the keyboard, you can hold down the “Exit” button for 12 seconds.
  3. A continuous flashing of the standby light occurs without interruption when the smart TV is in standby.
  4. If resetting is not an option, a factory reset will be offered.
  5. Selecting “OK” from the drop-down menu will clear the warning notice.


  1. It is not possible to reach an unreachable TV, so the screen will be black.

You can restore Samsung TVs that have black screens by resetting them.

Bonus: How to take a Samsung TV out of Demo Mode without a remote

Following are the steps you need to follow to remove your Samsung TV from Demo Mode.

  1. Make sure the television’s volume is at the desired level. Adding (+) or decreasing (-) the volume is an option. (-).
  2. By holding the menu button for at least 15-20 seconds you will be able to see your volume control appear and adjust your volume accordingly.
  3. A message will now appear stating “Standard Mode.”.
  4. To switch from demo to standard mode, you must complete this simple step. Try again even if you don’t get it to work the first time. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time.
  5. You won’t even have to press the menu button when switching between Demo Mode and Home Mode, as most televisions have an easy-to-use volume control.

With the remote control, it is possible to return the Samsung TV to Demo Mode.

Your television may not unlock from demo mode even if you follow instructions to the letter.

Although this may be the case for some Samsung models, there are so many Samsung models available that it is hard to give advice on them all. The solution may not always be effective.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need your television remote control. You’ll have an easier time resolving this issue if you already own it.

Method No. 1

Depending on whether you use a remote control, your television may have a Tools menu.

You can disable Demo Mode by going to the tools menu on your television. Doing so will resolve the issue.

If you do not have a remote control for your television, you can control it with a Bluetooth keyboard. This might be a solution.

There is no need to purchase a new remote control, so it might be a good solution.

Method No. 2

In some cases, you may be able to resolve the problem by adjusting the settings in the device’s general settings menu.

The first place you should look is in the General section of the settings menu.

From the TV’s System Manager, which can be accessed from this menu, you will find the Usage Mode option.

The Demo Mode of the program is switchable between the Demo Mode and the Consumer Mode.

The service can be used to repair a wide range of Samsung television models. The service you can receive depends on your model.

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How does your television’s Demo Mode work?

A TV in demonstration mode, sometimes called retail mode, is essentially a TV that can be used in stores for display when it is being sold.

In a store, you might receive your television in retail condition if you’re buying a used television.

Buying previously displayed models at a lower price could save you money in the long run.

Your TV needs to be set to home mode in order to fix the problem.

Customer televisions in their homes are eligible for the Home Mode.

A demonstration mode is, however, only intended for use in the store by those who sell televisions. There is no problem entering Demo Mode, and it is just as easy to exit it.

Our Final Thoughts: Reset Samsung TV

In general, if you’re having trouble about How to Reset Samsung tv Without Remote, don’t worry too much.

Regardless of whether you have a remote control for your television or not, there is an easy fix for this issue.

Therefore, no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can effortlessly reset your Samsung television.

Frequently Ask Questions

How does resetting my Samsung smart television affect it?

If you use this feature, you will get the same performance as a brand-new smart television purchased from a showroom, since all the information on your TV is erased (apps, user data, etc.).

Can you perform a factory reset without a four-digit password?

Samsung smart televisions require a four-digit pin to be entered in order to perform a factory reset. Entering a four-digit pin on a Samsung smart television will reset it if you have not already done so.

How can you reset your Samsung smart TV without having to use a remote control?

Absolutely! If your Samsung smart TV does not have a remote control, you can reset it by pressing its front or back control buttons, depending on your model.

What is the process for resetting a Samsung Smart TV?

Your remote control should display the following screen: Source->General->Reset->Enter Pin->.

The factory reset will be performed when you press OK.

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