Fixed: How to Reset Vizio TV Without Remote (Updated 2022)

How to Reset Vizio TV Without Remote

If your Vizio TV is acting up, you may not be able to reset it with the original remote. As it turns out, resetting Vizio TV without remote control can be more difficult than it sounds.

How to Reset Vizio TV without Remote

how to factory reset vizio smart tv without remoteVizio TVs without remote controls can be reset by turning them on and simultaneously pushing the input and volume down buttons for 15 seconds. Press input for at least 10 seconds after the TV has been reset.  It will then reset and restart. 

You might not always be able to reset your TV when you use the volume down and input button. Getting it right may require a few repetitions. 

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As soon as you see the message “Memory is being cleared” on the TV, you’ve got it right. In a few moments, the TV setup wizard will begin, and the display will reset. 

Resetting your whole device to factory defaults shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Most issues can be resolved this way.  

With Vizio TVs without navigation buttons or remote controls, a USB keyboard could be used as a workaround. Thus, a replacement remote would make sense. 

Volume and input buttons are not present on the Vizio TV

Aside from the power button, your Vizio TV has no physical buttons. If your TV does not have a volume control or input button, it cannot be reset with this method. 

You still have two options.

Make use of the SmartCast app

Some Vizio TV models can be controlled using the Vizio Smart Cast Mobile app.

Apps can be downloaded from Google Play and the AppStore. Besides casting media to a TV, you can launch apps, browse channels, and launch apps through the app. 

If you lose your remote or it doesn’t work, you can use the app. The app is not compatible with all Vizio TV models. It is nevertheless worth trying. This is a convenient alternative if you don’t have a replacement remote. 

The Vizio TV should appear in the nearby devices list after you have downloaded and registered the app.

If it does, a number code will appear on the TV. You should be able to use your phone after entering the code into the app.

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Replace your remote control 

If your SmartCast app fails to work on your TV and it lacks a volume or input button, you will have to buy a replacement remote.

If you have a universal remote lying around the house, you don’t need to program it. The Vizio TV must be programmed with the appropriate codes.

Vizio may be able to sell you one directly, but you can probably find another one at a marketplace that matches your TV’s model.

The remote can be used to access the settings menus and find the factory reset option once it is plugged in. The location of this option will be explained below.

How to Factory Reset Vizio TV From the Menu

How to Reset Vizio TV Without RemoteOriginal factory settings can be restored to Vizio televisions.

Once the TV is turned on, click the SETTINGS button.

A menu item called “SYSTEM” should be available.

Next, click “Reset and Admin” before clicking “Reset TV to Factory Defaults”. Vizio TVs sometimes require a code before they are reset. By default, the code is 0000, four zeros.

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How to Soft Reset a Vizio TV

If you follow the steps above, you can soft reset your Vizio TV without erasing all your data.

Resetting a TV by power-cycling is also called a soft reset. Vizio TV soft resetting is quick and easy to use for removing bugs, incomprehensible menus, and blank screens. 

The great thing about it is that none of your settings will be lost. This will prevent you from having to type them in again.

A soft reset or power cycle may help if your remote is unresponsive. Your Vizio remote might not be able to connect to your TV if you perform a power cycle. 

Hold down the physical power button of your Vizio TV for 60 seconds to soft reset it. Remove the power cable from the wall outlet.

Additionally, you should unplug the power cord from your TV and wall outlet attached to the rear of the TV.

As soon as you turn the TV on, you’ll see the Vizio TV logo, but it may take a minute for it to boot up.

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Factory Reset vs. Soft Reset

You can do a soft reset by power cycling the television and forcing it to restart. Power buildup on the television will be removed.

Soft resets do not remove your saved settings. A soft reset or power cycle will restart all the applications and services on your computer while preserving all the data. 

TVs that are factory reset have the opposite effect. Resetting the system doesn’t just reset the apps. Moreover, all your data will be reset, as well as your memory will be wiped.

Changing your computer’s settings back to factory defaults is the last resort since it wipes all of your data and forces you to start over. 

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The Vizio TV can be reset very easily even without the remote control. In addition to performing a power cycle, you might also consider performing a factory reset if you continue to have problems.

  • Pressing the input button and volume down at the same time on a Vizio TV will result in a factory reset.  
  • The TV can be soft reset by unplugging it for 60 seconds. 
  • SmartCast systems with Vizio SmartCast apps can replace remotes with smartphones.
  • There may be a need to purchase a universal remote or replace the existing one.

If factory resetting doesn’t fix the problem, there may be a hardware problem with the TV.

If you had any success with these solutions for How to Reset Vizio TV Without Remote issues, then please let us know.

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