Fixed: Insignia TV Remote Not Working?

Insignia TV Remote Not Working

The Insignia smart TV remote is very frustrating if you have a problem with it at the end of the day. Keep trying if you can’t get your Insignia TV remote to work!

insignia smart tv remote not workingWhen your Insignia TV Remote Not Working, you might try removing the batteries for 2-3 minutes. Your television must be reset to restore the connection. Always make sure the batteries are fully charged before using the remote.

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On this page, you will find information about diagnosing, troubleshooting, and fixing problems related to your TV remote. Here we go!

What is the problem with your Insignia Smart TV remote?

Insignia TV Remote Not WorkingThe next step is to discuss solutions – first, you’ll have to determine why your Insignia TV Remote Not Working. 

If you’re having trouble controlling your television, you might be experiencing one of the following: 

  • There is a problem with the remote and you need to reset the TV
  • If your TV remote is not paired with your TV, you need to repair it
  • Dead or disconnected batteries on the remote control
  • Water has inundated the remote
  • The remote has been dropped too many times, so its insides are damaged
  • A blockage has prevented the remote from sending a signal to your TV
  • Your remote has become inoperable due to heat damage

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5 Tips on How to Fix an Insignia Smart TV Remote

1. Reset Your Remote Control

You will find the following tip useful far more often than you would expect:

  • Battery-free remotes are recommended, 
  • Give it a couple of minutes
  • They need to be replaced

take the batteries out of your Insignia remote to reset it

Several small electronic devices like remote controls behave in a similar way to a simple reset.

Don’t try anything more complex until you’ve tried this simple solution! You can save money by using this method rather than buying a new remote. 

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2. Reset the Insignia Smart TV

You can use the remote just like any other remote even though your TV is controlled by a smart TV.

Infrared signals sent to your TV are interpreted by the receiver on your TV. 

Consequently, your TV remote control has to be much more complex. If your remote doesn’t work, you might still blame your TV.

Your Insignia Smart TV can be reset by simply touching the side or back. Additionally, you can use the Insignia Remote App on your smartphone to reset the device.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Select “Settings” from the main screen of your TV. 
  2. Select “System” next. 
  3. You can now reset the TV to factory settings by clicking “Reset to Factory Defaults.”. 

factory reset insignia tvIf there is a disconnect, you should now be able to control the TV with the remote.

After the reset, you will need to sign in again for streaming services. 

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Another option for resetting

Even if your TV don’t have buttons or you don’t have an app for your remote control, you have options.

Every time the screen changes or the power button changes, hold the power button for ten seconds.

Basically, you need to press the power button and wait for things to return to normal after you reset your your Insignia remote

3. Repair the Insignia remote

When Insignia remotes are paired incorrectly with a TV, they sometimes stop working.

All you have to do then is re-pair the remote to get things going again.

There are three ways to re-pair an Insignia remote:

1) Located below the batteries, the pair switch on the “enhanced” Insignia remote is accessible by pulling off the back. By holding down the pair button, you should be able to pair your TV with your computer.

2) It is also possible to pair your remote by pressing and holding the home button for 30 seconds. Simply point your remote at your TV and press the home button for 30 seconds.

3) It may be necessary for some of you to hold down the back button, left navigation button, and menu button simultaneously for 30 seconds to find success with those two options. Position the remote so it is pointing at the television.

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4. Verify that Insignia Smart TV receivers are not blocked

If your remote is not connected to your TV, it will not work – even if your system is working properly.

TV receivers are typically hidden within the TV frame, making them more difficult to see than on old CRTs.

The receiver cannot be determined if a piece of home decor is blocking it, and pointing the remote is difficult.

Before assuming your remote is permanently damaged, check that nothing is blocking the receiver on your TV.

There are often just simple matters such as an encroaching candle, figurine, or piece of holiday decor. You just need to remove it!

5. Buy a new remote

There is no alternative to buying a new remote when yours can’t be repaired, which may be the last thing you expected.

An internal component within your remote may have broken, shorted out, or otherwise failed and cannot be repaired.

Getting wet, dropping them too many times, or exposing them to extreme heat can break TV remotes beyond repair.

However, this is often the only way to get the Insignia TV Remote to work when it doesn’t work, even though the program isn’t free.

It is unavoidable sometimes to spend money. 

But Insignia TV remotes are extremely affordable. On Amazon, you can get one for $8 to $20 depending on the model of your TV. 

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Have you checked the batteries?

Without checking the batteries, you probably wouldn’t be looking for answers to your broken Insignia TV remote.

If you are having problems with your remote, you should check the batteries if you have already assumed something about it!

It is possible that the battery housing is corroded, the batteries have come loose, or even the batteries themselves are dead. It is still possible for remote controls to corrode, but this is rare.

If you’ve had your TV for more than a year, it is possible that the batteries in your remote have already died. Replace the batteries before continuing troubleshooting.

Smartphones are an alternative solution

Roku TV apps, Insignia apps, and Amazon Fire TV apps let you control your TV from your phone. Windows Phone users can also download the app besides Apple TV and Android/Google Play.

Obviously, you will be unable to accomplish this without a Wi-Fi connection between your TV and phone.

This is an excellent choice if you don’t want to spend money on a new remote, or if you need your remote immediately and can’t wait for it to arrive!

The following apps are linked below: 

iOS Android
Insignia/Universal Smart TV Remote Insignia Remote
Roku TV App Roku TV App
Amazon Fire TV App Amazon Fire TV App

Final thoughts: 

Remote control that does not work on an Insignia. It is not a problem if the Insignia TV Remote Not Working. Implementing solutions is straightforward, and they are usually free (except for replacements).

In the event that you are unable to repair your remote, you can still use a free app to control your TV. 

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