Klipsch Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Klipsch Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Klipsch soundbar remote control codes. How can you control your Klipsch Soundbar from your cable or satellite remote? Just contact us and we’ll help you. If you have the correct programming instructions and remote codes for the soundbar, you can control the Klipsch soundbar with a remote control.

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Klipsch Soundbar Remote Control Codes

It is necessary to program your Klipsch Soundbar remote before you use the code provided below. Here are the details you need to program your Klipsch Soundbar remote…

The Klipsch Soundbar can be controlled with a universal remote control. To use it, enter the remote control codes below. Here are the links you need to follow to program an Universal or TV remote control: Find the model and brand of your remote control by clicking the links below. For further assistance, you can also consult the remote programming instructions included with your remote or search YouTube for a specific model number remote video. Using the remote codes on this page, you can program the remote to work with your Klipsch soundbar once you find the step-by-step instructions.

The following are the remote control codes for the Klipsch Sound Bar – Volume UP, Volume DOWN, and Mute:

If using ATT: 5144

If using Bright House: 048

If using Charter Cable: 31609

If using Cox Cable: 1609

If using DirecTV: 30531 or 31609

If using Dish Network: 2652

If using One For All: 0531 or 1609

If using RCA: 41609

If using Suddenlink: 1609

If using Time Warner Cable: 3489

If using Verizon Fios: 1050

If using Xfinity: 30531

For Logitech Harmony Remotes:

There are several models of Ultimate Home and Ultimate One including Touch, Home Control, Smart Control, Ultimate Hub, Home Hub, Smart Keyboard, Harmony One, One +, and Harmony 200, 300, 350, 600, 650, 700. For Android or Apple, download the HARMONY APP.

Please check the following images for the hex codes for specific Klipsch model number sound bars if you understand how to use Hex codes.

Klipsch sound bar models R-10B, R-20B, CS-30, R-4B, RSB Sound Bars and HD Wireless are compatible with these codes.

This tutorial will include programming remote controls for Satellite, Cable, TV, and Universal remotes, including COX remotes, ONE FOR ALL remotes, DIRECTV remotes, CHUNGHOP remotes, JUMBO remotes, GTM remotes, Zenith remotes, Vizio remotes, RCA remotes, Comcast remotes, DISH remotes, Samsung remotes, Mitsubishi remotes, Sony remotes, Philips remotes, On-Q Home Systems remotes, GE remotes,

I hereby request that you all help us out by sharing any Klipsch soundbar remote codes you have found with our readers in the comment section below. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Are you having difficulty programming your Klipsch sound bar with your Universal, Cable, or Satellite remote? Submit your questions below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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