LG Soundbar Remote Control Codes

LG Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Do you need the LG soundbar remote code? Whether you have a Universal remote control, a Cable remote, or a SAT remote to control your LG Sound Bar, we have the codes you need. If you have the correct remote codes for your LG soundbar and the correct remote programming guide, you can control the LG soundbar with just about any universal remote. Please comment below with your complete model number of your remote control and your LG sound bar model number if the codes below do not work for your LG sound bar. We will get you the correct remote code as soon as possible.

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LG Sound bar Remote Codes

The LG Sound Bar can be controlled by your universal remote control. The remote codes listed below can be used.

LG Soundbar 4 Digit Remote Control Codes:




LG Soundbar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:





NOTE: Other IR commands can be used to control some soundbars.

The TV volume IR should be applied to the LG Soundbar. As of newer remotes, you can control your sound bar with the AUX mode on your cable or satellite remote as the AUX mode accepts the codes.

You can use the 993 code to control the volume of the LG sound bar with the AUX Volume mode.

The Comcast remote will control the volume via the soundbar rather than the TV after you unlock the volume with the 993 code.

LG SOUNDBAR remote control codes – All Models


Several LG Soundbar code models have proven to work with multiple LG soundbar models: NB2022A, NB4530, LSB316 Soundbar, NB3510A, NB3532A, NB3520A, NB3530A, NB2540, NBN36 280 watt, LG 300 watt, LAS454B, LSB 316 Sound Bar with wireless Subwoofer, etc.


The remote codes provided here for the following remote controls were tested: Comcast’s remotes, Xfinity’s remotes, Xfinity XR2 and XR5, DirecTV’s remotes, Time Warner Cable’s remote, DirectTV’s remote, U-verse’s remote, U-verse’s remote S10-S4, AT&T’s remote, etc.

Do you have Xfinity?

 The gray remote with the RED OK button is considered legacy equipment, and therefore there are no new remotes with updated codes available. – The silver remote with the RED OK button will also be able to use the remote codes outlined above.


Using the soundbar on with volume up – but muted – perform a code search.

1 – You can use AV1 or AV2.

2 – Hold down MUTE and SELECT at the same time.

3 – The blink will occur twice, then the release will happen.

4 – Press 9 9 1 on the remote.

5 – Use your remote to enter 3.

6 – Hold down SELECT or VOL UP for a few seconds, and then release the button (if you are unsure, test your remote to see which button works).

7 – Keep pressing and releasing CHANNEL UP while pointing your remote control at the soundbar.

8 – To lock in the code, press SELECT when the volume changes.

In the event that the DirecTV remote is not able to engage a soundbar, use the middle PWR key on the AV1 or AV2 device, as this will enable a soundbar to be engaged.)

Do you need a new SOUNDBAR remote control? Here’s where you’ll find the original remote that came with your Soundbar…

LG soundbar OEM remote controls

Have questions about remote programming for your LG soundbar using a Universal or CAB SAT remote? Send us your questions, and we’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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