Magnavox TV Converter Box Remote Codes

Magnavox TV Converter Box Remote Codes

Do you need Magnavox converter box remote codes? You will find a list of Magnavox Digital TV Converter Box remote control codes below. Magnavox converter box remote controls or Universal remote controls can be used to control your TV with these codes. The following remote codes will allow you to operate all major brands of television, once the converter box remote or a universal remote control has been programmed.

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Magnavox TV Converter Box Remote Codes

3 Digit Magnavox Digital TV Converter Box Remote Codes



4 Digit Magnavox TV Digital Converter Box Remote Codes





5 Digit Magnavox Digital Converter TV Box Remote Codes











If you wish to use an RCA remote control (the best one is the RCA RCR503) with the Magnavox Converter Box, you must do one of the following:

1 – Connect the converter box to the power source.

2 – Keep holding the CODE SEARCH button until the indicator light appears on the remote control.

3 – Click the CODE SEARCH button to release it.

4 – If the indicator light doesn’t illuminate, press the DTC key again.

5 – RCA remote control codes can be selected from the above list, and they will turn off the red light.

6 – As a result, now the RCA remote can be used to control the converter box.

What Is A Magnavox Digital Converter Box?

Is it possible to use another remote?

How Do I Find My Magnavox Converter Box Remote?

The signal input from the Magnavox Digital TV Converter Box goes into and through the TV when connected to the TV. Antenna signal input is then converted to higher-definition digital format by the digital converter box. The Magnavox TV converter box comes with a Magnavox remote control that enables you to change channels on your TV when the digital converter box is connected to your TV.

Using the remote control will also let you change the TV volume up or down. Magnavox digital TV converter box users have the option to use the remote control that came with the converter box or purchase a higher quality Universal remote control. Did you lose the original Magnavox remote or are you having trouble replacing the Magnavox remote? Check out these instructions…

You can easily program the universal remote control you purchase to work with the Magnavox Digital TV converter box using the remote codes above if you decide to get a higher quality universal remote control. If you purchase a universal remote, it will come with programming instructions. Programming the universal remote control should be done by following the instructions but using the remote control codes above that are specifically meant for Magnavox TV Digital Converter Box.

How to install your Magnavox digital converter box – Video

Is there a remote control code that you need to set to work with your Magnavox TV Converter Box? If you would like some assistance in finding the correct remote code or helping you program your new universal remote, please leave your question below.

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