OPPO Blu Ray Remote Control Codes

OPPO Blu Ray Remote Control Codes

Are you searching for OPPO Blu-ray player remote codes? Listed below are the OPPO Blu-ray DVD player device codes that have been confirmed working. Since these remote codes are universal, they should work with any OPPO Blu-ray DVD player.

Do you dislike fumbling with multiple remotes to turn your devices on and off? The number of times you spent hours checking the manual and searching online in order to figure out how to use one of the remotes? A universal remote control prevents you from having to deal with this hassle by allowing you to control multiple devices with a single remote. OPPO Blu-Ray universal remote codes, as well as a step by step guide on how to setup your OPPO Blue-Ray remote control, are provided in this article.

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How do Universal Remote Controls Work?

You can enjoy your entertainment experience more easily with universal remote controls. It is possible to program the universal remote to operate different devices, such as TVs, Blu-ray players, and more. What if the universal remote had all the functions of the other devices? That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? You could control any component or device in your home theater from the universal remote. It will help you be more organized and comfortable once you start using it.

How this Article Will Help You to Program Your OPPO Blue-Ray Universal Remote Control?

With this guide, you will learn how to install and program OPPO Blue-Ray Remote so that it can work with smart devices such as TVs, AV receivers, and DVD players. Using the procedures described here will allow you to easily and quickly configure your remote and use all the features for your particular device or model once you program the universal device remote code for your particular model from the provided list of remote codes. Although most models will work even when you follow the instructions, there are a few exceptions. Depending on the situation, the steps could also produce adverse reactions on a model of a gadget that is not supported. As long as you use the OPPO Blue-Ray universal remote codes listed here, you can successfully use the features of the universal remote.

OPPO Blu-Ray Remote Control Codes

OPPO BLU-RAY Player 5 Digit Universal Remote Codes









OPPO BLU-RAY Player 4 Digit Universal Remote Codes










Remote control is included in the OPPO MediaControl app.

The following remote control apps are available in Apple’s OPPO App Store or Google Play for those just looking for a simple remote control without media playback features .

Are you looking for the OPPO Blu-ray Player User Manual? Click here.

OPPO Blu-ray codes may NOT work on your player, so let us know if you need assistance and we’ll update the page.

How to program the OPPO Blue Ray Universal Remote

  • Turn on your television.
  • Control your OPPO blue-ray player with the blue-ray remote.
  • Start by holding the TV “power” button and pressing the blue-ray remote’s number code at the same time.
  • The code should be changed until it is entered correctly.
  • You can confirm that the blue-ray remote has successfully connected to your TV by turning your TV off once you enter the valid code.
  • Use this universal remote to operate your TV.

3 Easy Methods to Program Your OPPO Blue-Ray Universal Remote Control

1- Auto-Search Method

Using this method, the remote begins scanning all universal codes one at a time; until it finds the one that corresponds to your remote, it stops scanning.

  • You can use your TV, DVD player, etc. to watch. You should be able to use your universal remote control.
  • Press the “device” button on the universal remote for three seconds. Your device is ready for programming once the LED light is on.
  • Click the “CH+” & “CH-” buttons on the remote. To turn the device off, press and hold the “up” or “down” button until you see on and off indications on the remote control.
  • Verify the code by pressing the “power” button. Turn on the device. Ensure that the remote is programmed correctly at this point by switching channels.
  • In order to save the code, press “device” at the end of the process. If the code is successfully stored, the LED of the device will blink twice.

2- Manual Method

You can easily configure an OPPO Blu-Ray universal remote using “keycode method.” In addition to identifying the remote model, keycodes can also identify the make and model.

  • Your device must be turned on first.
  • You can operate your OPPO Blu-Ray universal remote by pressing the “TV” button.
  • In order to configure the universal remote, you must push and hold the “setup” button until the flashing light appears. That means it has entered a learning mode.
  • Keycodes from instructions or programming guides should be entered here.
  • Press and hold the “power” button on your remote control once you have completed the steps above.
  • Let go of the “power” button once the screen has shut off.

After this, the universal remote control for your OPPO Blue-Ray TV should start to work. In the event that your device does not work with the remote, try a different code from the same reference table if your device does not work.

3- Code Search Method

On occasion, you may not be able to locate the code necessary for the device you want to control. To find the correct code, you will have to choose “Search Mode” on your universal remote to examine it. You might be able to figure out the manual code that controls the “Search Mode” option by looking at the remote.

  • Your device must be turned on first.
  • You can do this by pressing and holding the “setup” button.
  • Please enter the three-digit code: 9-9-1.
  • The device will stay on until the power button on the remote is pressed and held until the “up” button is pressed.

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In this method, you need to look up the key code before you use any other method. The universal remote should now work properly after having followed all the steps stated above.

OPPO Blue-Ray Universal Remote Codes for an Unsupported Device 

To find the setup codes for any other devices that aren’t supported by the OPPO Blue-Ray universal remote, you need to locate them through the device’s “Setup Code Lookup Tool.” Next, you’ll simply need to enter the required codes. After pressing and holding the “set” button for a few seconds, you will have to enter the correct code after the LED flashes twice.

Interesting Notes:
  • Remote control is available in the OPPO MediaControl app.
  • You can get the following apps for OPPO remotes on Google Play or the Apple App Store if you don’t need media playback features.
  • A majority of the BDP-103’s remote code is the same as that used by the BDP-83. The BDP-103 has a few new buttons. It is possible to program the universal remote previously used for the BDP-80/83/93/95 to operate the BDP-103. Here is a document that details how to program IR codes for new remote controls.

The goal of this guide was to assist you in setting up and programming your Oppo Blue-Ray remote control, so I hope you found the codes helpful.

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