Programming Instructions for COX Remote Control

Programming Instructions for COX Remote Control
  1. From the list, select your TV brand
  2. Turn on the television
  3. When you release the TV key, press the TV key again
  4. While holding both the SELECT and MUTE keys press the mute key
  5. Hold the keys for two seconds until the TV key blinks twice and then release
  6. For your TV brand, enter the 4 digit remote control code
  7. To check if the TV is turned off, press the POWER key
  8. The code for your TV, which is stored in the remote control, is the exact code needed if the TV is off

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Try each code listed for your TV if your TV does not turn off.

When using COX Remote, you have a second method for programming the remote

When performing setup, turn on the television or device you need to program and point the remote at it.

  1. When the mode key blinks twice, hold the MUTE & SELECT keys.
  2. To set up a device, press the appropriate MODE key.
  3. In this chart, you can see the type of device and the brand.
  4. To enter a DIGIT, press the correct key and hold it.
  5. After the device has been turned off and the setup is complete, release the key.

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