RCA DVD Player Remote Control Codes

RCA DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Are you looking for RCA DVD remote codes? We have the codes you need to use a universal remote control with an RCA DVD player. If you have the correct remote codes and the right programming guide, you can control an RCA DVD player with any universal remote control. Please leave a comment with the model number of your DVD player and remote control if the codes below do not work for your RCA DVD player. We will find you the correct remote code.

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RCA DVD Remote Control Codes

RCA DVD players can be programmed using a universal remote control.

These remote codes are to be used.

Codes for 3 digit RCA DVD player remote controls



Remote Control Codes for 4 Digit RCA DVD Players




A RCA Universal Remote can be programmed as follows:


Hold down the CODE SEARCH key

Set up by pressing the DVD

You will need to enter the remote code from the list


You have now programmed the remote by pressing volume or channel while the unit is still on.

How can you program your remote to operate your RCA DVD player?

We will assist you if you leave a question below.

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