RCA Home Theater Universal Remote Codes

RCA Home Theater Universal Remote Codes

Remote codes for the RCA Home Theater. These are the RCA remote codes you need to use with your universal remote control to operate your home theater. Keep trying the numbers down the list if the first codes don’t work.

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RCA home theater remote codes

Most common remote codes for RCA Home Theater:

Audio = 1254, 2154, 1913

Video = 1022, 1060, 1132

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In order to test if the unit will turn off, please use the following remote control codes.

5 digit remote codes for RCA home theaters: 64257, 31254, 18192, 51472, 18704, 51216, 18448, 19216, 51728, 18960

The RCA Home Theater in audio mode can be tested by entering the setup code 1254. Enter the 51988 code once you have pressed Setup. IR signals will be sent from the remote. A repeat of the signal will occur if you hold the 5th digit, and this should lower the volume.

RCA home theater remote codes will vary for different stores. If you don’t find the correct remote code for your RCA home theater, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll help.

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