Remote Control Codes For JENSEN TVs

Remote Control Codes For JENSEN TVs

Do you need a JENSEN TV remote code? We have codes here for JENSEN TVs that should work with your universal remote control if you have a universal remote control.Continue trying the numbers down the list if the first does not work.

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JENSEN TV remote control codes:

JENSEN codes 3 digit:



Newer JENSEN codes 4 digit:




The method in which you find your remote control’s code will differ depending on the remote control; here is one example that could work with most remote controls.

The remote code for your Jensen TV can be found here…

You can search for your TV code by following the following procedure if the codes for your TV have not worked.

  • PRESS and RELEASE the button for the TV.

Once the red LED flashes twice, press and hold the SETUP button.

– Press 9-9-1 on the remote (two blinks)

Hold down the POWER key and alternate slowly between the DEVICE TV button and the ALT key.

If you are using a remote control to search, make sure it is pointing at your device.

This sequence of buttons may need to be pressed several times to search the entire library of codes.

Then, press and release the SETUP button once your TV is turned off.

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Jensen TVs are compatible with RCA remote controls, Comcast, DirectTV, and Charter, as well as RCA remotes.

Are there any other JENSEN TV remote codes you would like to add? Comment below.

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