Remote Control Codes For NAXA TVs

Remote Control Codes For NAXA TVs

Here are the remote codes for NAXA TVs. Below you will find the NAXA remote control codes to use with NAXA televisions. When your TV requires a 3 or 5 digit code, you can use these codes with most universal remotes. If programmed correctly, the codes can be used with your CABLE or SAT remote, as well as a Universal remote.

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Codes for 3 and 5 Digit Universal Remote Controls for NAXA TVs

NAXA TV Remote Control Codes

NAXA TV 5 Digit Remote Control Codes




(NAXA TV remotes do not have “official” universal codes,

Most NAXA model number televisions work with these 5 digit codes)

NAXA TV 3 Digit Remote Control Codes

Try the 9-2-2 auto search method

(Meaning the 9-2-2 method is dependent on the remote and component used)

You can use the 9-2-2 method to automatically search on your remote control:

Watch NAXA TV on your NAXA device.

Put the remote control in the TV’s direction.

The 3, 4, or 5 digit code can be found by searching the remote control memory.

By holding the TV button, you can watch TV.

Keep the OK key pressed simultaneously.

A double flash should appear on all keys.

You should see the selected mode key flash twice after entering “922”.

Hold down the POWER button.

Release the power only after the TV has turned off.

When you are done looking through each code, use the REW button to go backwards.

Use the FF button to go one by one through each code.

By pressing the POWER or PLAY button, the remote code search will continue automatically.

Once you’ve found the right code, press ENTER.

There will be three flashes on the TV key.

There will be RED blinking on the Mode buttons if no valid code is found.

You need to repeat the steps if you cannot find the TV code.

(This will work with the ATT UVERSE Remote, as well as other remotes that use the same buttons)

If none of these codes or methods work on your NAXA TV, then you can purchase a replacement remote below…

NAXA TV Replacement Remote Control for

NTD-2252, NTD-1952, NTD-1351, and NTD-1552

Replacement Remote Control for

NAXA TV NT-52, RTNT-52, and NT-53

Replacement Remote Control for


Want to learn more about NAXA TV? The following list contains NAXA TV model numbers.

Naxa NT-1506

For NAXA TVs, you can find all the instructions, drivers, firmware and software updates in this section.

NAXA TV Manuals – Search by model number

Please let us know what model number of your remote control you are using and what issue you are having if you have tried all the codes and none of them work.

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