Remote Control Codes for SONY TV setup

Remote Control Codes For SONY TVs

When you lose your original remote, universal replacements are an excellent choice. Sony TV can be programmed using universal remote codes for home entertainment systems.We have gathered the most popular universal remote codes for Sony TV.

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How to auto-programme DirecTV Cable remote with Sony TV

Every Universal Remote for Directv set-top boxes must have the input key programmed in. Below are the step-by-step instructions.

To setup Sony universal remote codes, make sure all your Sony TVs or other devices are hooked up and powered on. Check to see if your universal remote battery is charged. Take note of the Sony universal remote codes from the provided list. You don’t want to spend your evening on trying to program Sony universal remote only to discover you haven’t hooked up or that the batteries are bad. 

Our first step is to show you how to set up an automatic universal remote by following these steps:

Step 1:

Switch on Sony TV

Step 2:

Press & hold MUTE & SELECT on your DirectTV remote, wait for two blinks, and then release.

Step 3:

Code must be entered. SONY TV and DirecTV boxes should be turned on.

Step 4: 

Press the on/off button on the remote control. Press the on/off button on the remote control.

We still have the age-old manual code entry method as a backup for when the technology-driven devices don’t work as expected.

How to program Universal remote with Sony Tv manually

Ensure that your remote has a working battery. Start Sonly TV

Step 1:

To access the menu, press the “Menu” button on your remote control.

Step 2:

Then select “System Setup” under “Parental, Favorites, and Setup.”

Step 3:

You can program the remote by selecting “Remote”.

Step 4:

Put your remote control in “TV” mode by sliding the top switch.

Step 5:

When the light on you remote flashes, press and hold “Mute.” Next, press and hold “Select.”

Step 6:

Input the universal remote code numbers on your remote’s keypad by choosing it from the list below.

DirectTV Remote code list for Sony TV

11100, 10000, 10011, 10080,

10111, 10273, 10353, 10505,

10810, 10834, 11317, 11685,

11904, 11925, 10010,10000

Step 7:

You should see a flashing light on your remote.

Step 8:

While pointing the remote at your SONY television, press the up arrow to move the channel up.

Step 9:

When the correct code is entered, the set will power down.

Step 10:

Replicate all the steps with the next code from the list if the TV doesn’t respond.

RCA universal remote codes for SONY TV:

SONY TV 4 digit codes: 1001, 1036, 1093, 1135, 1177

One-For-All Universal Remote for SONY TV:

SONY TV 3 digit codes: 111, 011, 273, 000, 080

GE Universal Remote Codes for SONY TV:

SONY 3 Digit TV codes: 002, 006, 013, 071, 128, 380

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