Remote Control Codes Westinghouse TVs

Remote Control Codes Westinghouse TVs

We have codes below for Westinghouse TVs that are working with universal remote controls you recently purchased. All universal remote controls will work with these codes. Continue to try the numbers until you find one that works.

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Westinghouse TV Remote Codes

In order to use these remote codes, you will require programming the remote. You can find instructions for programming your remote below…

5 digit remote codes for Westinghouse TV:




















The codes marked with an asterisk (*) are possible alternate codes. As long as you know these alternate codes, your device will operate most of its primary functions (Power, Volume Up and Down, Mute).

Follow these instructions to get Westinghouse TV remotes to work:

  1. TV
  2. During two blinks, hold down MUTE & SELECT
  3. Enter 9 9 1, wait two blinks
  4. Press 1
  5. Release of the press and release of the VOL UP
  6. If and when the volume changes, hold down the CH UP key and press and release it whenever the volume changes
  7. Press select to lock in code

Setup Instructions for Remote Controls

Select “TV” as the “Mode”.

The visible LED will blink twice after pressing and holding the “Mute” and “Select” buttons.

Please enter the five digit code above.

To switch modes on some remote controls, you should press the TV key first. When the television already works with the remote, you can test it by pressing the POWER or VOLUME keys. Most remote controls work by searching sequentially for a suitable set of commands. Programming a Westinghouse remote to operate with this method is the simplest way to do so. The appropriate keystroke sequence is stated in the device’s manual. The appropriate keystroke sequence is stated in the device’s manual.There are some that can only handle one command, while others are able to handle multiple commands.

Here are the links for programming your Universal or TV remote control. Find the brand and model of your remote from the links below. For your specific model number remote, you can also find YouTube videos for the programming instructions on the packaging of your remote.

The remote codes on this page will allow you to program the remote to work with your Westinghouse TV once you have located the step-by-step instructions.

You will find programming instructions for all types of remote controls such as the COX remote, ONE FOR ALL remote, DIRECTV remote, CHUNGHOP remote, JUMBO remote, GT MATRIX remote, Zenith remote, Vizio remote, RCA remote, Comcast remote, DISH remote, Samsung remote, Mitsubishi remote, SONY remote, Philips remote, On-Q Home Systems remote, GE remote, and the UR5U-8780 remote.

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PLEASE TELL ALL OUR READERS IF YOU HAVE FOUND A RESOLUTION FOR WESTINGHOUSE TV’S RESOLUTION If you have found a remote code that works on your unit, please take the time to leave a comment below and tell us which codes worked on what device. I would greatly appreciate your assistance!

Westinghouse TV Remote Codes List

Are Westinghouse TV remote codes missing? Tell us or ask a question below if you have issues.

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