Samsung Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Samsung Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Are you trying to find Samsung Soundbar Remote Codes? We have the codes needed for controlling a Samsung Sound Bar using a universal remote control, SAT or CABLE TV remote.

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Remote Control Codes For Samsung Soundbars

If you have the right programming guide, you can control a Samsung soundbar with any universal remote or CABLE/SAT remote. You will also need the sound bar’s remote control codes, which you can find below. Please leave a comment below if the codes below do not work with your Samsung sound bar. We will look up the correct remote code for you using the model number and model number of the sound bar.

The Samsung Sound Bar can be controlled with a universal remote, cable remote, or satellite remote. The following remote codes can be used…

Samsung Sound Bar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:







Here are the Samsung Soundbar model numbers and remote codes reported to work with the remote: HW-FM55C, FM550, HE550, HW-HM45, F550, J450, HW-E450, HW-J450, HW-J650, HW-F450, WH-E450, HW-J355, HW-D450, HW-H550, HW-H7500/ZA, and HW-HM55C.

Tests on these codes have been conducted with Comcast’s remote control, Xfinity, DirecTV, DISH, COX, and Verizon Fios, among others.

HINT: You can control your Samsung Soundbar using your Cable, SAT, or Universal remote control in “AUX MODE”.

Note: Samsung TVs and Samsung Soundbars should automatically pair with each other, and the remote control of each should control both the TV and the Soundbar. Wireless connectivity is available on some models.

Need help reprogramming the CAB SAT or Universal remote to work with your Samsung soundbar? Let us know what you need and we’ll help you.

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