Sanyo Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Sanyo Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Sanyo soundbar remote codes. Using a universal remote control with a Sanyo sound bar is possible if you have the correct remote codes and the correct programming guide. CAB, SAT, and Universal Remotes are all capable of controlling Sanyo soundbars.

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Remote Codes for SANYO Soundbars

Install the Sanyo Sound Bar on your universal remote control. Follow these 3 and 5 digit menu codes.

Sanyo Soundbar 3 Digit Remote Control Codes:






Sanyo Soundbar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:
















According to the Sanyo soundbar manufacturer, the above codes have worked successfully with the FWSB415E, FWSB405FS, FW405SB, and FWSB405F models.

Try searching for codes on your CAB or SAT remote if these codes do not work…

ATT Remote RC7X:

Program your Sanyo soundbar to the RC7x remote control:

Please follow the instructions by going to…

The menu

The settings menu

Help & Settings



The DIRECTV Remote Control can be used with DIRECTV or ATT as your cable provider:

Soundbar on Sanyo

Muted volume but volume up

An AV1 or an AV2

Then hold down MUTE and SELECT for two seconds

You need to enter 9 9 1 and wait two blinks

Enter number 3

Press release, volume up

Keep pressing and releasing the CH UP key on the remote as you point at the Sanyo soundbar

In order to lock in a code, press select after the volume changes.

Try this if your DIRECTV remote controls the power but not the volume of your Sanyo soundbar:

AAV1 or AAV2

MUTE & SELECT – Press and hold

After 2 blinks, release the button

Enter the number 9 9 3

By pressing SELECT, you will select

A silver Comcast remote with a red OK/Select button can be used to search for codes:

On your Sanyo sound bar, turn it on

To use Aux, press once

To activate the Setup key, press and hold it for two seconds

Install the release setup

Please enter 9 9 1 3

Two blinks will be seen on the Aux key

Set the remote control to Power and aim it at the Sanyo sound bar

By pressing CH+, the sound bar will be turned off

NOTE: IR codes will be sent from the remote control to the selected device in the code search mode.

Once the code has been locked in, press Setup again.

Two blinks will be seen on the Aux key

Using the red OK button on the Comcast Xfinity remote:

When the setup blinks twice, press aux followed by setup

Please enter a code from the above list

(This code controls the volume)

If using the red OK button on the Comcast Xfinity remote, you will need to follow these steps to lock the soundbar to Comcast:

Hold setup for two seconds

Enter the number 9 9 3

Press auxiliary

For the lock to be removed and for each device to be independent:

To set up, hold it until it blinks twice

Press 993, then press vol+ once

(Change the volume for all devices by selecting them individually)

You can use this CODE SEARCH (Remote Control Programming) method with any universal remote control, including those from Comcast/DIRECTV. Below are steps on how to use your current remote control to control your Sanyo soundbar.

Would you like more assistance programming your universal remote or CAB SAT to your Sanyo soundbar? Let us know what you need assistance with below.

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