Solution Fix for continually restarting Samsung TV in a boot loop

Fix for continually restarting Samsung TV

Several Samsung TVs older than 4 years have been randomly restarting in the past few weeks.  LED and LCD TVs from the 2012 model year are more likely to experience this problem. 

After watching TV for a short period of time, the TV will start repeating itself in an endless loop. The boot process can sometimes be started by pressing a key on the remote control, like the Volume Up or Down button.

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We found the following solution to resolve this issue:

1. Issue due to new HDMI devices:

The problems began when a new FireHD or a new streaming device like Google Chrome was plugged in. Here, the problem is with the remote control for the Chromecast. The issue can be resolved by resetting your Fire HD stick and not adding other devices to be controlled by the fire HD remote, such as Blu-ray players and sound bars. 

2. Over heating Samsung chip:

There is a heat sink attached to the chip that can easily slip off the Samsung TV’s CPU. As the TV gets older, the heat sink gets really hot.  If you touch the back of your TV, you’ll feel it. If it feels too hot, you can tell. The most likely cause is overheating. Fix the problem. Verify that the heat sink has not moved out of place by opening the back panel of the tv. Once the sticker for the Samsung extension package is removed, the heat sink should not move. The problem of overheating will be solved.

3. Damaged flat cable connecting the Main board and the LED control panel.

This issue needs to be resolved by opening your TV and disconnecting the power cable. Open the screws on the back of the Samsung TV with a Philips screw driver, and remove the flat black cable and put it back in place after 60 seconds with a pinch motion. The cable should now be connected. Tighten the screws. 

As soon as you turn on the TV, don’t add Wi-Fi to it and you are good to go.

It’s time to get into the weeds now.

4. Damaged Power supply or blown capacitors :

In order to fix this, you will need a new board, you will also need to purchase new parts. Additionally, you will need a soldering iron and the components individually.

5. Damaged Main board :

Replacement of the board is the only solution.

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