SONY Home Theater and Soundbar Remote Control Codes

SONY Home Theater and Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Install the SONY Sound Bar remote control on your universal remote control. Follow these 4 and 5 digit codes to program the remote control.

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 SONY Sound Bar 4 Digit Remote Control Codes:


 SONY Sound Bar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:




 Sony Soundbars HT-CT60, HT-CT260, Sony STR-K700, HTCT260, HTCT660, Sony CT-660, Sony CT770, SA-CT60, HT-CT260H, and HT CT150 were all reported as working with all the codes.

 Testing has been conducted with Comcast remote controls, a U-verse remote, S10-S4 and HR24-500, as well as the RC65RX.

 Using a Comcast Remote?

Press AUX, Code 31759, and POWER or -> PLAY

 Using ATT U-Verse Remote?

ATT/OK – 955 – ENTER (Will change to volume follows mode button)

ATT/OK – 955 – AUX – ENTER (Will change to ALWAYS control Sony)

What about power ON OFF?

ATT/OK – 977 – ATT – TV – AUX – ENTER (Will add aux to power sequence)

The ENTER button (not the OK button) is on the bottom right.

Program – ATT/OK – 955 – ENTER.

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