Soundbar Remote Codes For Comcast Cable

Soundbar Remote Codes For Comcast Cable

You can use these codes to control your Comcast audio components. Comcast has designated these 5 digit remote codes as the keys to working with all of its Home Theaters and Sound Bars. Each item is listed along with the setup code for enabling it. Your audio device is listed below along with the setup code.

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Comcast Remote Codes For Audio – Home Theater – Sound Bar

ADC Audio Remote Code:


Aiwa Audio Remote Codes:

30158, 30189, 30405

Bose Audio Remote Codes:

31229, 31933

Capetronic Audio Remote Codes:


Carver Audio Remote Code:


Denon Audio Remote Codes:

31360, 31104

Harman Kardon Audio Remote Codes:

30110, 30189

Integra Audio Remote Code:


JBL Audio Remote Code:


JVC Audio Remote Code:


Kenwood Audio Remote Codes:

31313, 31570, 30027, 31027

Linn Audio Remote Code:


Magnavox Audio Remote Codes:

30189, 30531

Marantz Audio Remote Code:


Onkyo Audio Remote Codes:

30135, 30842

Optimus Audio Remote Codes:

31023, 30531

Panasonic Audio Remote Codes:

31308, 31518

Philips Audio Remote Codes:

30189, 31266

Pioneer Audio Remote Codes:

31023, 30014, 30531, 31384

Polk Audio Audio Remote Code:


Proscan Audio Remote Code:


RCA Audio Remote Codes:

31023, 31254, 30531

Sansui Audio Remote Code:


Sanyo Audio Remote Codes:

31261, 31469, 31801

Sony Audio Remote Codes:

31759, 30158, 31758

Stereophonics Audio Remote Code:


Sunfire Audio Remote Code:


Technics Audio Remote Codes:

31308, 31518

Victor Audio Remote Code:


Wards Audio Remote Codes:

30158, 30189, 30014

Yamaha Audio Remote Codes:

30176, 31176

Would it be possible for you to add more audio devices to our list? We’d appreciate it if you could tell us by leaving a comment or code, or by typing the audio device name and programming instructions below.

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