Fix: TCL Roku TV screen is black but sound works

TCL Roku TV screen is black but sound works

With TCL Roku TV, users have access to unlimited entertainment and quality images. The crisp, clear images of all your favorite shows and movies will be available at home.

There is a chance that your TCL TV might malfunction at any given time, which will affect your viewing experience.

This is a common issue where a TV shows sound but no picture. Certain problems can be solved by yourself without contacting a technician.

The most common cause of a black screen on your TV is a loose cable connection or a hardware failure that affected the LED lighting. If your TV’s screen is black, but the audio works, it may be caused by a similar issue. The television should work after unplugging it from every cable connection, including the power, and then plugging it back in after about five to ten minutes.

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If your LED is malfunctioning, you should seek a professional’s assistance.

There may be more than one factor causing this error. Here are some additional causes.

Why do TCL TVs have picture problems?

TCL TV’s picture isn’t clear, but its sound can be heard for a variety of reasons. Among them are:

  • There is a problem with the screen’s hardware, such as a problem with the LED lighting
  • The software on your smart TV is malfunctioning
  • Cable connections that are loose
  • There is a problem with the firmware
  • HDMI cables have problems
  • There is a problem with the TV or motherboard
  • There is a problem with the screen

Can a TCL Roku TV be fixed if it has a black screen?

It can be frustrating to have a black screen on your TV. Some of the causes can, however, be addressed with a simple DIY repair.

The following solutions should be tried one at a time until the issue is resolved:

1. Reboot your TV

Most problems can be solved by simply rebooting a device, particularly smartphones and routers. Irrespective of your skepticism, you can also use the app with your TV.

You will have to restart all the hardware and software in your device when you reboot. Because of the minor errors that may have caused the black screen, you will be able to see quality pictures again.

Unplugging TCL TVs from the outlet (without turning them off) will reboot them, as long as they are plugged back in after one minute.

Usually, this procedure will resolve any minor issues with your TV.

2. Factory reset your TV

What happened after you rebooted your computer? The issue could be more serious, for example, if your TV’s settings are corrupted. Resetting your TV may resolve this issue.

There are two ways to reset your TV:

  • Creating an account
  • Resetting the device

It will be impossible to access the menu if you cannot see pictures on the screen, so you will need to hard reset the device.

  • You will find HDMI and other connector ports on the back and side of your TV.
  • The hard reset button should be pressed with a sharp object.
  • When you press the button, you need to hold it for about 12 seconds before releasing it (or your TV will turn off).
  • Follow the setup instructions on the TV when it is turned on

The factory reset will remove all data from the device and erase all network settings. Roku accounts must be created from scratch after the upgrade as a result.

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3. Verify the cable connections

You have a Roku cable box connected to your TCL TV, right? The cable connection might be loose.

If the HDMI cables are faulty, it is especially crucial that they do not get damaged. Another possibility is that damaged or loose power cables are causing the screen to malfunction.

If the HDMI cable appears to be defective, you may use iVanky braided high-speed cables. There are minimal chances of damage since the cord is braided, and HD content will stream without lag. Amazon sells this product.

4. Update your TV firmware

You need to make sure your TCL Roku TV’s firmware is up-to-date to get the most out of it. A black screen with sound might occur as a result of an out-of-date firmware issue.

The problem can be fixed by:

  • You’ll find the settings menu in your TV
  • Updates can be found on the System Updates page
  • Select the option to update the firmware to the latest version and install it

When the menu is affected by the black screen, the black screen option will no longer work. You can, however, contact TCL’s support team if you cannot view the menu. One of their technicians will assist you in troubleshooting and fixing the issue.


Is it possible to restore the sound on a TCL TV that has gone black? It can be very frustrating not to be able to watch your favorite shows.

Many of the problems causing a black screen can be fixed using the solutions provided above.

The customer service department should be contacted if the problem persists. TCL’s authorized repair centers can also provide service for your TV.

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