Yamaha Soundbar Remote Control Codes

Yamaha Soundbar Remote Control Codes

The Yamaha Soundbar can be controlled with the SAT CAB remote control or a universal remote control if you have the codes needed. When you have the correct remote codes and the Yamaha soundbar programming guide, you can operate a Yamaha soundbar with any universal remote. Our team will find you the correct remote code for your Yamaha sound bar if the codes below don’t work. Please leave a comment below with the model number for your remote control and the sound bar.

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Yamaha Sound Bar Remote Control Codes

The soundbar remote must be programmed to work with the remote codes below. Below you’ll find information on how to program your remote to control your soundbar…

The Yamaha Sound Bar can be controlled by a universal remote control. Follow these 5 digit codes to control it.

Yamaha Sound Bar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:










These Yamaha Sound Bar models are reported to be compatible: ATS-1030, YSP-1000, YSP-5100, YSP-4100, YSP-1400, YAS-101, YAS-103, YHT-S400, and YSP-4000BL.

Testing of these codes has taken place with… A selection of remote controls from Comcast, the Xfinity XR5, the DVR 3, the XR2, the XR2 U2, the XR2 R2, Directv, and the U-verse remote controls. Also included are remote controls for RC65, Satellite H20 receivers, the DVR 3, and the Comcast 3-in-1 remote.

You can use the following methods to program Xfinity:

Set up (2 button flashes)




Two flashes of the Vol Up button

(Toggle TVOL on the Yamaha sound bar by using the volume down button)


Hold Setup (two flashing buttons)

11144 (two button flashes)

(Will allow you to turn TVOL ON and OFF by using the volume down button on the Yamaha sound bar with Xfinity’s remote.

Help with Xfinity XR2 Remote here.

These programming methods work for U-verse and DirecTV (ATT):

The ATT/OK-955-AUX-ENTER code



For the Yamaha Sound bar, use the code 30176 or 31331

(The volume keys will not work unless the TV is programmed with the TV code).

Here’s what you can do:

An AV1 or an AV2

Wait two blinks and release MUTE & SELECT

Add 30176 to the list


An AV-1 or AV-2

When the blinking stops, release MUTE & SELECT

Please enter 993

Click on SELECT


An AV1 or an AV2

Wait two blinks and release MUTE & SELECT

Please enter 963

Hold down the control key

Using the DirecTV ATT remote control, teach the Yamaha Sound bar the commands.


For the Yamaha Sound bar, use the code 30176 or 31331

It is necessary to program a TV code to the TV device in order for the volume keys to work.

An AV1 or an AV2

Press and hold SELECT and MUTE for two blinks

Please enter 993

Click on SELECT

The following links can help you find the brand and model of your TV or Universal remote control. For specific model numbers, you can find YouTube videos by searching your remote’s model number or check the remote programming instructions in the packaging.

Remote control programming instructions include instructions on programming DIRECTV, DIRECTV HD, CHUNGHOP, JUMBO, GT MATRIX, Zenith, Vizio, RCA, Comcast, DISH, Samsung, Mitsubishi, SONY, Philips, On-Q Home Systems, GE, and UR5U-8780 universal remote controls.

If you are able to find a remote code that works with your soundbar, please share the code with us and all our readers in the comment section below. We appreciate your help!

Are you having trouble programming your Yamaha soundbar’s Universal or CAB/SAT remote? We will be glad to help you with any questions you have.

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