Zenith TV Converter Box Remote Codes

Zenith TV Converter Box Remote Codes

Codes for the Zenith converter box. You can find a list of Zenith Converter Box remote codes here. Zenith converter box remote controls or Universal remote controls can be used to control your TV with these codes. Once a converter box remote control or universal remote control has been programmed with the remote codes listed below, you can control Television sets from all major brands. Each remote code has three, four, and five digits. If it doesn’t work with your Zenith TV Converter Box after you’ve tested several remote codes, try another. The Channels and Volume will work with one of them if you keep testing them.

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Zenith TV Converter Box Remote Codes

3 Digit Zenith TV Converter Box Remote Codes














4 Digit Zenith Converter TV Box Remote Codes



5 Digit Zenith Converter Box TV Remote Codes



Why Do Zenith Digital Converter Boxes Work? Is it possible to use another remote control? How Can I Recover My Lost Remote Control?

Antenna signals come into your TV and are processed through your digital converter box when the Zenith Digital TV Converter Box is connected to it. Antenna signal input is converted into a digital format for higher resolution by the converter box. With the Zenith remote control that came with the Zenith TV converter box, you can change the channels on your TV when the digital converter box is connected to your TV.

In addition to changing the volume on your TV, you will need that remote control. The Zenith digital TV converter box comes with a remote control that can be used. Alternatively, you can purchase a higher quality Universal remote control. Did you lose the original Zenith remote or do you need to replace the Zenith remote? Read on for more information…

The Zenith Digital TV Converter Box will work with a variety of remote controls, so if you purchase a higher quality universal remote control, you can easily program it to work with the Zenith Digital TV Converter Box by utilizing the remote codes above. You will receive the programming instructions with the universal remote no matter what you choose. Programming the remote control should be done following the instructions on the manual, but make sure you use the remote control codes above that are designated for Zenith TV.

Setup instructions for the Zenith digital TV converter box – Video

Are you having trouble setting the remote control code to operate the Zenith TV Converter Box? If you would like help finding the correct remote code or programming a new universal remote, please leave your question below.

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